2x120x45 Aluminium radiators info?


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Oct 14, 2018
Hi geeks, :)

Do you guys have some experience with FULL-Aluminium liquid loops (obviously part-alu loops won't give good experience given the galvanic corrosion :))
I mean for example kits like EK A240G ?

I'm interested in radiator's weight, which is expected (and stated) to be much lower than copper/brass radiators (for the same thickness). But EK don't provide exact specs anywhere.
And even copper/brass rads usually have either alu/steel framing or sometimes also alu-fins, so it's not really proportional to the weight difference between copper & aluminium.
Also do you know of a full-aluminium radiators that are thicker than EK's (27mm)?
I'm looking for a 40 or 45mm rad for my custom-case (Dan C4/Louqe-Ghost sibling) and I'll probably have only space for single 240mm radiator on top which I would like to handle the heat from both CPU & GPU so I don't think under 30mm would be enough.
Also my case should be as portable as possible - ie weight IS a factor if I can shave weight here and there without big compromises it would be great. (that's actually the main reason I didn't just get the Ghost S1, because it weight 2.5kg without the L-top-hat. I guess both would go about 3kg! That's way too much for something you should be able to carry in your backpack)

As I understand the lower thermal conductivity of aluminium isn't nowhere near the thermal-bottleneck of a typical loop, so it won't be more than 1-2 C degrees warmer than full cooper loop.