Closed ADTLINK R43UR (150mm), EKWB supremacy Evo X99 full nickel(+nickel am4 bracket), DC-LT 2600 w/acrylic top

Hiya friends.

I'm looking to sell some unneeded hardware.
changed my case plans to use a different riser so I don't need the R43UR any more, and I changed my loop plans from the supremacy + external pump to the kind boring generic eisbaer lt solo (it's just so space efficient!)

I'm not really 100% what the going rate is on these things, however.

I was thinking $30 shipped for the R43UR, Iused it in my build for about a year so the riser ribbon has a little memory in it, but no damage anywhere that I'm aware of. I treated it well.

$45 shipped for the cpu block (has nickel am4 hardware as well as the original X99 bracket) used this for about 1.5months in a loop using distilled water, then my cats bit a hole in one of my tubes and the loop got disassembled, various factors led to it remaining that way to this day. never leaked, still sexy. maybe could use a clean to be sure?

$35 shipped for the dclt(and acrylic top)? also used for a month or two before the cat incident. I did have a wire break it's solder joint, however I repaired it without issue and it worked as new til the day the cats killed my loop. top didn't have snatches that I'm aware of.

Shipped meaning CONUS, anything outside I'm willing to try to ship to, but any costs over what it would be to shop conus would be added to the pricing.

ill get pictures up soon, I took some not realizing they needed timestamps haha.

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