matx case

  1. WH-team

    Production Treasure-18.9L SFF multiple HDD Storage case

    On the choice of private storage enclosures. The appearance and structure have always been difficult to choose. In June this year, I studied a storage chassis that can be flexibly combined and perfectly integrated into the home environment. So I will introduce you to the relevant contents and...
  2. mwal

    Concept 15.5L mATX with 240mm radiator support for water cooling.

    I have found an extremely space efficient mATX layout supporting many mainstream components. My goals were to have: To have absolutely, the smallest, most reasonable fully mATX compatible case possible. Support for a 240mm AIO. Mainstream PSU support, it being SFX and SFX-L. A simple build...
  3. Tact1calBeard

    Closed [EU-GER] - Cerberus mATX Case -- SOLD

    Hi, as I changed my case to a FormD T1 I want to sell my Ceberus mATX case in Obsidian Black with one windowed side panel, one vented side panel, the hinged mouting for the side and the mounting plate for the top. For SFX there are both mouting options available ( usually needs to be purchased...
  4. muazri_my

    Stalled Nippon Malaya DAIICHI Series: An Industrial-Chic 19.9L-23.6L MATX Case

    UPDATE 11/08/2019: Now introducing DAIICHI TYPE M! (Now in white & charcoal!) After a couple of months being in the shadows, Nippon Malaya reveals itself; I suppose. Admittedly, this isn't the most SFF case, considering it's not even under 20L (TYPE S is now a thing). But however, considering...
  5. WH-team

    Stalled Super Reaper MKV series4.4L~9.2L-New solution for hardware-show case

    2019.01.23 Now the passageway for SFF forum is avaliable! TAO BAO link: EBAY link: building...maybe cancel How to solve hardward show and temperature these dual requirement in one sff case and I...
  6. AdamAlex

    Parvum Titanfall 2 - mAtx custom loop

    I finally finished my first water cooled build, Leave some feedback if you want
  7. Mtthwmths

    ~16L mATX build in Spire Powercube 715

    Story: Last year, I modded a Spire Powercube 715 case to fit my Cooler Master N200 build. This is the one that started me off looking for smaller and smaller builds, and since then I've learned a LOT from everyone here and other communities online. Parts List: pcpartpicker Issues: I didn't...
  8. AdamAlex

    Completed Custom mATX Case made by Parvum(S2.5)

    Hi, this is my case in which I will build my water cooling system, Is made by Parvum, is based on the S2.5 but with small differences. The theme for the build is Titanfall 2, I just presented the project to the guys at Parvum and a couple of emails back an forward we come up with this case. I...