Production Treasure-18.9L SFF multiple HDD Storage case


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Oct 5, 2017
On the choice of private storage enclosures. The appearance and structure have always been difficult to choose. In June this year, I studied a storage chassis that can be flexibly combined and perfectly integrated into the home environment.
So I will introduce you to the relevant contents and attributes of 'treasure'

Basic appearance

3D size: height 235 x width 299 x length 285 mm
Internal volume: 18.9L
Weight: 8 kg
Texture of material: steel / aluminum / rubber / wood
2.5-inch equipment: SSD x 2
3.5-inch equipment: SSD x8/6/4 depend on your PSU type
GPU specification: Max 275mm max. / 65mm incl. half blank length / 2 slots
Motherboard support: ITX/DTX/MATX
PSU specification: ATX/SFX/SFX-L
CPU radiator height: The total height is less than 2U radiator height
Specification of water cooling radiator: 240
Color: black / white

Introduction to structural characteristics:
How to solve the problem of heat storage. It's a focus I've been paying attention to. So I put 4x12025 At the front and rear of the case. By increasing the number instead rise up RPM.
So you can get lower hard disk temperature in lower sound noise.

On the other hand, for the current NAS chassis, it is very difficult to increase or decrease the number of hard disk shelves. Because the current hard disk Bay openings are bound to the front of the panel, the original structure or shape must be destroyed when changing the HDD number. I decoupled the position of the hard disk Bay from the front panel, so you can now increase or decrease the number of hard disks according to your PSU type


Layered motherboard design:

All cables can be transmitted through hidden holes set around

AIO add for multi core processor user:

I found a more reliable rule. Users with multi-core CPU computing requirements have a high probability of large capacity thermal data storage requirements. Therefore, I added support for AIO in the limited space. This allows multi-core CPUs to operate well at low temperatures in such a small volume.

Possible patterns:
The support for full height PCIe devices is still in the concept, because I believe that switching is not allowed in a strict production environment. So it may appear, but there is also a probability of cancellation
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Jun 16, 2020
Ah man, this is so awesome. I had looked at 3d printing a NAS enclosure for 8-12 disks and m-atx mobo but ended up buying a full tower case. Following!