hdplex 400w

  1. enricko7

    .STEP Mount Plate for HDPlex 400W DC/ATX module 2

    This plate is to be attached to the backplate of the HDPlex 400W DC/ATX unit. It can then be rigidly attached to the inside front panel of the NFC S4M. Use 90 degree countersunk M3 screws in 4mm length for best results. ZIP Folder Contains: - .STEP 203 - .dwg file (for SendCutSend) - Solidworks...
  2. enricko7

    .STEP Mounting Plate for Panel Mount 6-Pin Molex Connector 002

    This part is intended for using the HDPlex 400W AC/DC unit as a power brick for the S4M. A 6-pin Molex Mini-Fit Jr connector installs to this plate on the rear rectangular cutout. The 6-pin DC output of the HDPlex 400W AC/DC unit then plugs into the panel mount connector, which is connected to...
  3. R

    Power Supply HDplex 400w AC-DC + DC-ATX and AMD R9 Nano(IT WORKS!)

    Hey everyone, (TLDR at the bottom) I picked up a 2nd hand Skyreach 4 Mini, hdplex 400w dc-atx, and Dell 330w brick from r/hardwareswap a couple months ago. When I found out the AC-DC was coming out I pre-ordered it almost instantly. I grabbed an R9 Nano from offerup for $145 shipped because...
  4. E

    GPU Help upgrading GPU

    Good day, Currently, I have an i7-6700T paired with a GTX-1050Ti inside an S4 mini. Originally I was intending to do a brickless build however I ended with a dell 330w external brick and HDPLEX 160 DC-ATX. My current setup includes a 1080p 60Hz monitor, which I plan to upgrade down the line as...
  5. M

    Concept HDPlex 400w + TWO dell 240w power bricks in Parallel ?

    Hello! I'm thinking of building a Mini ITX project with a HDPlex 400w. Has anyone thought of feeding the system with two power bricks instead of one ? ( I mean in parallel connection). I have seen many projects with Dell 330w adaptor + HDplex 400w and this system often does not provide...
  6. S

    Power Supply [SOLVED] HDPlex 400w DC-ATX + Oculus Rift Trouble

    I'm wondering if anyone here has had the same or similar issues with a VR rig. The build: Lazer3D LZ7 Ryzen 2600 Gigabyte GTX 1080 Mini 8 GB Ram 500 GB M.2 SSD HDPlex 400w DC-ATX Dell (Genuine) 330 watt brick Asus ROG Strix X470-i Prior to getting the VR rig hooked up, I dialed in the power...
  7. S

    HDPLEX 400w W/ R9 Nano?

    Hey guys, I was wondering whether or not an HDPLEX 400 could power a R9 Nano adequately. The form factor of the card is perfect for an S4 mini brickless, but I am worried about the power consumption of the Nano, from what I have read it consumes under 200w normally, but Josh commented that it...
  8. Halfdan

    Selling Dell 330W adapter [EU]

    Image: https://i.imgur.com/hwLp5eV.jpg Asking 60 euro + shipping.
  9. VatosInTheBarrio

    Closed [US-CA] NFC S4 Mini+HDPlex400w+Dell OEM 330W Power Adapter

    Selling a used NFC S4 Mini Case with power solution (HDPlex 400w+cables and Dell 330w power brick). Got the S4 Mini around fall last year and my Dan Case A4 in the same week. Used the S4 mini setup for 2 days then moved over to Dan Case A4. Everything has been sitting in storage since then...
  10. C

    gtx 1080 mini

    can i use the zotac gtx 1080 mini and i7 8700 with an hdplex 400w and dell 330w brick?
  11. R

    7.4mm DC Jack to PCIE (HDPlex 400W)

    Hi guys! I broke my 7.4mm Female DC Socket to PCIE board that came with the HDPlex 400. I tried to look for 7.4mm DC but I can't seem to find one. I already tried soldering the PCIE wiring directly to the DC Socket but I cut too much out of the socket pins and my wiring had little left to...
  12. T

    Skyreach 4 mini.... help, wont post :(

    Just built my first SFF build, for some reason I can't get it to POST. There is one single beep/buzz when I hit the power button, which apparently means a memory error, but no matter the ram configuration nothing changes; I have tried both sticks in both slots, and each stick individually in...
  13. ParatoXon

    Closed S4 Mini Classic + Custom Bezels / NFC PCIe Riser / HDPLEX 400 / DELL 330W

    For sell is my S4 Mini Classic the NFC riser, HDPLEX 400W and a DELL 330W. The case itself is in great shape (apart from one scratch which is nearly invisible), while the riser is not in such a great shape; the key has broken apart, but it should work if it is placed correctly according to Josh...
  14. IanMake4

    Prototype Make4 1S - 5.2L 3D Printed, HDPLEX Powered, ITX GPU

    I'm currently live streaming as I work on the case. If you have a twitch account please chime in and give me some feedback. Would really like to get some community based modifications into the design. ------------------------------------------------------- STATUS I just moved from CAD...
  15. royalba94

    Selling [USA-AZ][H] Huge Watercooling Sale! (Cables, X99 mobo, Rads, Fans, etc.) [W] Paypal, Money for bills

    Hey all! Selling some stuff as the extra money would really help me out right now. And I decided that I'll wait to do my watercooled build until I can upgrade my current CPU/Mobo/GPU. I have a few bills due in the next few days so if you see something you like or have any questions post a...
  16. Biowarejak

    Concept Project: Radian - Sub 12 Liter Watercooled ITX Chassis

    Project: Radian Starting 10/27/2017 I began all the computer aided design work using FreeCad, an amazing if quirky tool that's still essentially in apha - and totally free. About a week before that date, I was doodling in class, running off 5 hours of sleep and a Dr. Pepper, when the basic...
  17. royalba94

    Closed [USA-AZ] [H] PayPal [W] HDPlex 400w DC-ATX

    Picked up the 300w AC-DC unit a little bit ago and so I'm looking to get the DC-ATX unit to pair with it. Thought I'd try here first to see if someone had an extra I could pick up. I'll wait a few days to see if I get any replies but if not I'll just pick it up from HDPlex directly. Thanks!