Closed S4 Mini Classic + Custom Bezels / NFC PCIe Riser / HDPLEX 400 / DELL 330W

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For sell is my S4 Mini Classic the NFC riser, HDPLEX 400W and a DELL 330W. The case itself is in great shape (apart from one scratch which is nearly invisible), while the riser is not in such a great shape; the key has broken apart, but it should work if it is placed correctly according to Josh from NFC.

The HDPLEX 400W comes with all original cables and is fully working. So is the DELL 330W.

S4 Mini:

NFC riser:


DELL 330W:
You can buy whatever you want.
Everything together is preferred in which case I'd charge about 350€ + shipping.
Counter offers or offers on only one item are appreciated.

I will try to ship everywhere in the world but EU is preferred.

EDIT: 14.12.2017: Bezels are sold
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