NFC Systems S4T eGPU Adapter Assembly

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Contains SolidWorks files, STEP, DXF, and images detailing adapter bracket for an eGPU S4 Tiny setup.
Parts used:
  1. ADT-Link adapter has a ribbon cable. The heat-shrink on the PCB end needs to be trimmed roughly half, to allow the ribbon to bend up at a 90 degree angle. HANDLE RIBBON WITH CARE, VERY DELICATE.
  2. Transform Bracket should have Thunderbolt porthole milled according to GPUIO specs.
  3. eGPU_Plate, NVME_TB3_Mount, and S4T_Plate DXF files should be cut out of 2mm 5052 H32 Aluminum. Bend UP along all dotted lines. Holes ~ Ø2.5mm need to be tapped M3.
  4. Fasten standoffs to NVME_TB3_Mount using M2x3 screws, then fasten Thunderbolt adapter to standoffs using its own screws, with NVME side facing away from the mount.
  5. Attach S4T_Plate to the chassis, then use M3x4 screws to fasten NVME_TB3_Mount to S4T_Plate.
  6. Plug in PCIE adapter to Thunderbolt adapter.
  7. Fasten eGPU_Plate to S4T_Plate using M3x4 screws.
  8. Attach PCIE adapter to eGPU_Plate using included screws and spacers, while VERY CAREFULLY routing ribbon so that it won't bend awkwardly or interfere with GPU.

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