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  1. mwal

    Concept 15.5L mATX case with 240mm side mount radiator support, Part 2.

    Hello again. I've finished my visual prototype of my case, and I personally think the front isn't great, but the side panels look pretty good. Not much else changed, the Rad bracket does still have widened mounting holes for more room. The two side panels, and the top panel are all connected...
  2. mwal

    Concept 15.5L mATX with 240mm radiator support for water cooling.

    I have found an extremely space efficient mATX layout supporting many mainstream components. My goals were to have: To have absolutely, the smallest, most reasonable fully mATX compatible case possible. Support for a 240mm AIO. Mainstream PSU support, it being SFX and SFX-L. A simple build...
  3. C

    Enclosure I want this beautifully crafted case. Anyone make anything on par or do similar custom CNC?

    Just need to get over the color, but other than that this is a case that I really want (a black one would simply be amazing): It's neat that the perforated and tempered glass panels are interchangeable front and back for ideal ventilation...

    Production RCC-BIG2 | vertical small footprint BTO case | support for 280mm AIOs or tall air coolers

    RCC-BIG2 is a simple and customizable BTO (build-to-order) case with traditional layout (no riser cable required). Features of the case: vertical or horizontal orientation traditional layout, no riser cable flexible size / volume different vent hole designs to fit your taste W x D x H can be...
  5. CC Ricers

    Log 2200G custom compact case build

    I'm starting a new build with an AMD processor, and my first main system to have one since having a Phenom II. It's a pretty modest rig with a B450 motherboard and Ryzen 3 2200G which I picked up for some good prices. Here are the complete specs of the computer as it is right now: - CPU/APU...

    Production REVOCCASES - RCC-MID1 | industrial style case with 180mm fan and rad support

    REVOCCASES - RCC-MID1 | SFF mini-ITX DIY Case a unique industrial style case with focus on good thermals and low noise pre-orders and more info: Specs: Dimensions: 296x197x197mm // 11,5 liter , vertical or horizontal orientation CPU cooler clearance: <=106mm with SFX PSU /...
  7. S

    Concept Project PD SFF 1 (Custom SFF Casing/Final Year Project)

    LINK TO SURVEY (14 Questions / 5 mins max) Hi everyone. As a long time fan of this forum and being heavily inspired by other creators, I have managed to convince my final year lectuerers to allow me to create a SFF PC Case! Exciting I know! Based on their advice and my own limited background...
  8. A

    Concept Y-Case 9-11L, Console Style Case with Custom Water Cooling

    Hey guys, I'm designing a custom case to finally be free of my ROG G20. The goal is to be able to use full size graphics cards in a console style form factor while water-cooling the CPU. I currently have 2 layouts which use a Flex-ATX PSU (Im gonna make some SFX PSU designs too) and thought I'd...
  9. F

    Crowdfunded prebuilt SFF Gaming PC (custom case)

    Hi guys, I have a cool project going on but I have some doubts about it succeeding. Basically I want to crowdfund a prebuilt high-end SFF Gaming PC. All components are standard aside from the PSU which is not available to retail customers. The reason I want to resell it as a complete built is...
  10. A

    Enclosure Custom Case for Dell Optiplex 3010 SFF

    I recently purchased a Dell Optiplex 3010 SFf with an i3, 8gbs ram, and a 250gb SSD. This machine is amazingly fast, and I noticed when I popped her open that everything is so crammed in there and I am worried about overheating since it's all crammed. Is there any case that fits this motherboard?
  11. R

    Concept First Crack at Custom Case Design 7.9L

    Hello SFF Forum! I'm an ITX fan who has been craving tiny PC solutions for a while now. I have always had my own ideas on how I would design a small case, and when I happened across this forum, I knew I had found my tribe! So after marveling at the designs of others, I decided to take a crack...
  12. AdamAlex

    Parvum Titanfall 2 - mAtx custom loop

    I finally finished my first water cooled build, Leave some feedback if you want
  13. AdamAlex

    Completed Custom mATX Case made by Parvum(S2.5)

    Hi, this is my case in which I will build my water cooling system, Is made by Parvum, is based on the S2.5 but with small differences. The theme for the build is Titanfall 2, I just presented the project to the guys at Parvum and a couple of emails back an forward we come up with this case. I...
  14. Mortis Angelus

    Recommended distance between mobo and rear panel?

    I'm making a custom case, and I need to position the mother board now inside the case. My question is now simple: what is the recommended distance between the edge of the motherboard and the rear panel/wall of the case so that the IO backplate also fits there...
  15. WH-team

    Production WH-nano:5.59L Balanced SFF case

    New edition coming 3D size:213(L)*215(H)*121(W)=5.59L Hardware support specification: Motherboard: 17*17 ITX Standard Version (do not recommend the motherboard with the power supply board and PCH heat dissipation motherboard) Power supply: FLEX long limit, 150mm wide limit...
  16. garyroks

    SFF PC from India

    Hey guys, This is my first build and I really like the SFF cases but the problem is I live in India and the price of the premium SFF cases are just out of my reach due to the high importing cost. So I decided to build a SFF case myself. For this build, I used 2020 aluminum extrusion for the...
  17. royalba94

    Concept Modular and Watercooling friendly SFF cases...

    Hello everyone! I'm working on a couple case ideas I have but today I thought I'd share my ideas regarding my Micro ATX version of the case. The Backstory: This all started when I was trying to come up with a way to mod an S4 Mini to accept watercooling. I started off with designing an...
  18. K

    Power Supply A Possible PSU Alternative

    I am looking to build a custom ITX system. It will be replacing my dying laptop. One of the first things I wanted to try was to get an ITX system into about the same space as my laptop, it measures at 16.5 x 11.5 x 1.5 inches (420 x 292 x 40 mm). And after a bit of research and measuring I think...
  19. sergiiua

    Custom_MOD FLEX 5.24L

    In connection with the problem of ordering the DC-ATX G-Unique, I decided to expand the range of enclosures with internal power supplies. I also think that many people will like the idea of installing a more powerful video card than in our previous mini-cases, for example ZOTAC GTX 1080 Mini...
  20. B

    Sketchup Newb here.

    Hey guys, i'm working on a personal project to make 2 different styled cube cases that i have the dimensions on in my notebook and i'm wondering if there is a way to use pre made models and just import the dimensions of said components? If so, how? Thanks, Mike.