First Gaming PC Build - Chimera Cerberus (mAtx)


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Dec 12, 2018
Howdy I am absolutely NEW to building new PCs and have accomplished my first ever build in the best looking case! Full build is
I have big plans for this beauty and ((((((I am in need of finding a cost efficient way to manage the cables for the modular silverstone psu as well as get them braided. )))))))

List of my future aspirations with this case.
1. Go all SSD because HDDs are too bulky/heavy!
2. Spend an arm and a leg on custom length and color psu cables for silverstone psus OR buy a corsair SF psu and buy their braided psu cables OR learn good cable management etiquette and fix what I got.
3. Find a very short and cheap m.2 solid state to go underneath the gpu
4. Fill every gap in the vent holes with a fan or ssd
5. 3-4 YRS Get the newest graphics card but have it water cooled to fill the bottom portion of the case
6. 6+ - Switch the MB with a ITX board that can support 64gb of ram
7. End up in a museum of "Old Computers" in the future!

Overall, I am super new to this, because when I built this computer it turned on with fans full spin, then while managing depression for 5 minutes, went to a troubleshooting guide and step 2. make sure the CPU power is plugged in. Me: The CPU has its own plug?". Ending this off, I have only one person I met in tech school to thank for saving me from buying a full atx tower and showing me this community and the ways of a small form factor. Cant wait to learn more about computers and at the same time, spend all my money on blinking lights!!
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