1. riba2233

    Concept SFFtime presents: N-ATX - 14 L case with ATX mbo and psu, 4-slot gpu and 360mm rad support!

    Hi everyone, I am very excited to show you my new design I have been working on for a very long time. It is a 14 L case that shares same design language as P-ATX case, but with slightly larger dimensions and a lot of extra possibilities. One of the design goals for this case is that it should...
  2. riba2233

    Production SFFtime presents: P-ATX v2 - 10 L case with improved ATX, AIO and 3-slot support!

    Hi everyone, I am really proud to announce that after a lot of work, and a lot of time, I finally have a new version of P-ATX ready! It's currently in stock in both black and white colors, and available on our website: I know that you like...
  3. riba2233

    Completed SFFtime presents: P-ATX, the 9L case with ATX and AIO support!

    Hi guys! I would like to present you my case that I've been working on for some time now, the P-ATX. UPDATE: this design has moved on to V2, please see this thread:
  4. G

    Concept New to SFF FORUM!!! First build converting my Midtower to "ATX" SFF... I know wtf? and lol.

    I'm not sure if I should Dew this build or not but I do see a case on the market that fits my needs. So I am going to build something I can throw in my backpack easily when I want to take it on the go. The basis for this build is using all air cooling with 120x15mm case fans 2 front and 2 top...
  5. philHolland

    Advice - Dual GPU NVlink Build

    Hello all, I'm about to embark on a compact build that requires 2X Nvidia GPUs next to each other in NVlink configuration. Due to the complexity of the NVlink bridge I can't place the GPUs vertically stacked, at least not easily. I'm looking for two case suggestions as I'm mulling over...
  6. J

    Other Power Supply Design Guide for Desktop Platform Form Factor 002

    Issued by Intel, rev. 002, June 2018.
  7. DiamondATX

    Concept PROTOCASE - 15.37L ATX - 8 PCIe slots (NV-Link friendly)

    UPDATE for 01/01/19 See Post 11... for revision details. I will try to keep one picture of the latest revision at the very top of this post. _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Hello, this is my first...
  8. OliverRH

    Concept The smallest ATX case with support for 2 GPU's.. 13 liters!! (I think)

    So here I am again with another ATX case, a version 2 you could say of my first prototype build! I have challenged myself to design the smallest ATX case possible, with support for a 240mm radiator. And now it has space for not only one, but two two-slot GPU's! The whole thing is 13.2 liters -...
  9. OliverRH

    Concept Small ATX Case with focus on design - under 18.5 liter!

    Hi guys, long time no see. I am back with a new version of my small form factor ATX case, this time it is this a 3D render, but I will start making a prototype in a week or so :) The case measures H37.1 cm x D36.6 cm x W13.6 cm = 18.467 liter. So just under 18.5 liter. This case is a little...
  10. sergiiua

    Concept cases "TX aio" produced by Custom_MOD

    case TX1 aio 18L rev.1.0 prototype Specs: - Volume: 18L (320mm x 345mm x 165mm) - Material: Steel frame (1mm), aluminum covers (1.5mm), Powder Coating - MB: ATX - GPU: length <310mm, height <130mm - CPU Cooler: up to 50mm - Storage: HDD: 2 x 3.5" - PSU: ATX - AIO: radiator 315x30x143mm (FANs...
  11. Arrandale

    Thermaltake G3: No compromises SFF-ATX Case?

    Hello everyone, i have just stumbled upon the Thermaltake G3, which seems to be the ideal ATX Small Formfactor case out there. It is widely available [at least in Europe, not sure about international availability], from a reputable Brand and comes in at a shockingly low price. Needless to say...
  12. Fruergaard

    Prototype RAW V3: ATX + 2x300W (AC-DC HDplex) + full size GFX in 8.0L

    Hello everyone I'm Simon and I have been interested in SFF PCs for some years now. It started out with Unobtainable, then a SG09 mod that got replaced soon after with my own case designs. At the time there wasn't any real SFF cases so I looked into the option of using a laser cutter and assembly...
  13. owliwar

    Concept Owliwar's concept thread

    Disclaimer: for my graduation project I'm doing a whole family of pc cases, this is post contains concepts for my final graduation project, and even though I plan on selling this at some point I'm not sure when. I'm studiyng a bunch of product design methodology and i'm posting here to keep...
  14. AcquaCow

    Raijintek Thetis: Another small ATX case

    I was tipped off to this in the small ATX Ncase thread and decided to take the plunge and see what kind of sacrifices I need to make when moving into a similarly small case if Ncase does produce an ATX version. I've rebuilt the insides of this case 3 or 4 times in this thread, I'll post a...
  15. W

    Concept Small 29L ATX Cube Case

    I'm a huge PC nerd (been at it for over 15 years) and also a exhibition designer. I often use 3d modeling programs and gaming engines at work. I want to build around an AMD Threadripper (1950x). This leaves me with using an ATX board (I need all those cores) along with a single GTX 1080ti (with...
  16. ondert

    iTek Slim ATX cases are small!

    Hey guys, I’ve been living in Italy for a couple of years. Here, there are some local brands probably most of you didn’t know. iTek is one of them, there are some brands like this in south Europe, in Italy and in Spain. Their products seemed mid-quality to me. Didn’t know actually but while...
  17. B

    Power Supply Fully modular 500w Flex ATX psu

    Chinese market is just awesome:
  18. OliverRH

    Prototype Small ATX Motherbord Case!! (Updated!)

    Version 2.0 (03. august 2019): Hi all, long time no see. I have been super busy, but lately I have been thinking and designing a new case, or you could call it a version 2.0. There were a lot of things that I think worked really well with the first design. Mainly the simplicity with the single...
  19. DntMesssWitRohan

    SFF PC Case List - Need Suggestions & Feedback

    Hello SFF enthusiasts, I've been working on a case list that started out as a mini-ITX list that would fit under my local airlines' carry-on regulations and since then has been expanded with the help of the folks over at r/sffpc. I would like to make the list as comprehensive as possible and...
  20. NRG

    Power Supply Flex ATX PSU

    Hey all! I've done a bit of searching on Flex ATX PSU's and I haven't really found anything all that helpful, So, I come to you knowledgeable wizards of the SFF forum ;) I'm starting to throw together some ideas for a SFF build similar to the Hutzy build. I've already dabbled with a HDPlex...