1. DntMesssWitRohan

    SFF PC Case List - Need Suggestions & Feedback

    Hello SFF enthusiasts, I've been working on a case list that started out as a mini-ITX list that would fit under my local airlines' carry-on regulations and since then has been expanded with the help of the folks over at r/sffpc. I would like to make the list as comprehensive as possible and...
  2. NRG

    Power Supply Flex ATX PSU

    Hey all! I've done a bit of searching on Flex ATX PSU's and I haven't really found anything all that helpful, So, I come to you knowledgeable wizards of the SFF forum ;) I'm starting to throw together some ideas for a SFF build similar to the Hutzy build. I've already dabbled with a HDPlex...
  3. Phuncz

    Enclosure Thermaltake Core G3: a 24L ATX case with SFX mount

    Thermaltake certainly surprised me with doing something that makes sense for some of us but is completely bonkers for 99% of the PC enthusiasts: an ATX case with only room for a single double-slot GPU, that's relatively slim too. While the one GPU limitation is too much for enthusiast builds...
  4. Phuncz

    News Jonsbo/Cooltek RM3 and UMX4

    A few people have modded a Jonsbo case because of lacking airflow and cooling potential, but the company has responded in kind with these larger models: UMX4 - ATX form factor Dimensions: 204mm (W) * 426mm (D) * 437mm (H) (38L volume) Material: Body: 2.0mm Aluminum Magnesium Alloy...
  5. EdZ

    Other Power Supply Design Guide for Desktop Platform Form Factors v1.31 (ATX 2.4 specification) 2016-05-26

    This appears to be missing from (only revision 1.2 is available) and the widely circulated Intel link is dead.
  6. iFreilicht

    4+4 and 6+2 power connector part numbers

    I'm trying to find 4+4 CPU power and 6+2 GPU crimp housings to confectionate myself, but can't seem to find any part numbers from a major manufacturer. There are offerings from alibaba, but I'm not trusting anyone there anymore. I've found a few forum posts that tried to compile an extensive...
  7. iFreilicht

    Other How to reduce cable clutter to a minimum

    We all know about the 24pin problem. There's this one, unbelieviably bulky cable in our machines that supplies the mainboard with power. It takes up an unnecessary amount of space, is hard to route and in general hinders the advancement of SFF (a little bit). Some of us already imagined a...
  8. Aibohphobia

    .SKP Corsair AX1200 2015-12-17

    Corsair AX1200 - modular 200mm ATX Gold-rated PSU. Model created by subtec. Uploaded with permission.
  9. Aibohphobia

    .SKP Corsair AX850 2015-12-14

    Corsair AX850 - modular 160mm ATX Gold-rated power supply Model created by subtec. Uploaded with permission.