Log Dr Zaber sentry 2.0 with a Corsair Titan NC25TZ cpu cooler and a msi gtx 1070 mini aero


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Feb 6, 2018
Starting this build because my sentry 2.0 just came in today. Im upgrading from a silverstone sg13 and I need some advice on how to make my own cpu mounting bracket for the Titan NC25TZ on an AM4 format.

am4 r5 2600x
msi gtx 1070 mini aero
cl16 3200 trident z rgb 2x8gb
asrock fatality ab450 itx mobo
Corsair SF600 600W SFX psu
XPG SX8200 m.2 nvme 512gb ssd
Titan NC25TZ cpu cooler with a9x14 (need to aquire the fan and hoping for 2.5w variant)
Dr Zaber sentry 2.0

These are older parts since i didnt have the money for a nicer sff case until now and until recently the sentry 2.0 was out of stock hence how i have my power supply and the 2600x instead of a much cooler 3600.

If you have any comments/advice/questions any and all would be appreciated. Especially any help with the mounting bracket for the Titan NC25TZ for AM4 format
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