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    Hello everyone, new user here. Been looking arround and thinking about a project and i found this forum. I've seen a lot of good works, and i love who everyone is trying to do a computer as small and powerful as possible.

    I had an idea of how i would like a case to be, using full lenght parts.

    I want a full AMD build with Ryzen CPU and VEGA GPU(soon...).

    Here is the link to the design i thought. It's my first attempt doing something like this, so i would apreciate any help, or advice on how to put everything together, fit parts, choose parts and more. (i found a model of a sfx psu, but if a normal atx can fit in the design, much better)

    Thank you.
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    Is there a reason you are opting for ATX over microATX or ITX, out of curiosiry? Same for wanting a full size PSU over an SFX? Just trying to understand your build motivation.

    From the layout you've mocked up the only thing I'd be concerned about is GPU over top the CPU cooler, I feel one will be heating the air up for the other and it will increase temps for both components.

    Interesting to see someone try and do a 'small' ATX build! What are you looking to build your case out of?
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    I want something i can upgrade any time and not be limited to a mitx mobo or sfx psu, that are usually worst in components and more expensive. Yeah, the cooler is the bad thing of this design, the only way i can think of to keep everything as it is is by using a water cooler.

    I would like to make it of alluminium or something more strong.