1. K

    Other Skyreach 4 Mini Under Desk Mount 0.1

    Currently untested, will print it in the next days in PETG. You will need 6x M10 x 80 mm for the big holes to attach it on the table and 4x M3 x 5 mm to secure the case from the bottom so it cant slip forward or backward.
  2. aromachi

    Built from scratch case: sub 9L

    Started my quest by twisting some wire fencing together to form some wire "rods" and JB welding them into a frame. I liked the result, but it needed some refining.. and I wanted to go SMALLER. Bought some 1/2" aluminum angle rods from Lowes and started putting together a frame with more or less...
  3. ROTOR

    Prebuilt Hp 800 G4 & G5 With GPU

    Hi! Looking around I found the HP 800 G4 & G5 have a variant with a GPU AMD radeon 560 X After a look in the web a I found that are are two MB. one with the connector and one without it WITH: WITHOUT IT: But I not able to find more info about what models have it...
  4. Tact1calBeard

    Closed [EU] Zotac 1080Ti Mini - sold

    Hi, I want to sell my 1080Ti Mini from Zotac. The the card works fine and was never overclocked, accessories are still there Price: 550€ incl. shipping cheers, Beard
  5. N

    Zotac GTX 1080 Ti - Mod - 0RPM Bios - Liquid Metal - Undervolt

    I wanted to build a custom portable rig aiming to be as small as possible (6L) so I thought I'd do some modding to my Zotac GTX 1080 Ti Mini to prep for my build. Mods: 1) BIOS - EVGA GTX 1080 TI SC ( - thanks...
  6. mikex921

    Closed NFC Skyreach 4 Mini

    I have decided to go with a watercooling route in a slightly bigger case. So this one is up for sale! Silver with black front. Comes with NFC feet, and riser card. This does fit a zotac 1080 mini card without modification. Asking $235 shipped priority - SOLD Paypal:
  7. Xyit

    Closed NFC s4 Mini with walnut bezel, power button, and riser. GTX 770

    I have an unused S4 Mini with all the add ons in mint condition, my plans changed and i'm now unable to use it. Also have a left over EVGA gtx770 SC 2gb from a previous build im trying to sell. S4 Mini with Add ons: 250$ GTX 770: 85$ Would be willing to trade for a Ncase M1 as well. I could...
  8. ondert

    Anyone knows this case?

    I’ve seen this case in a local website like craigslist. The seller wants 40€ for it and it’s actually a working old atom based pc with Windows 7 installed. However, I would like to learn the case model and even the seller doesn’t know it. According to measurements provided it’s about 9.5 liters...
  9. alidarkstone

    Darkstone's - Phanteks Evolv Shift X Build 2018

    Hi everyone, My new project is %85 completed. Thats it my case. This case is unique in the World beacuse I'm using first time with that case Monsta Radiator :) This project is not completed yet because my orders are shipped but not arrived. Hard tubes and Fittings for Hard Tubes. If you don't...
  10. T

    GPU Gigabyte AORUS GTX 1080 Gaming Box - GPU only?

    Hey i just stombled across this: So i ask myself is it possible to buy this GPU alone? It looks like sick cooling performance^^
  11. Josh | NFC

    .SKP SKYREACH 4 MINI 2017-11-20

    While not 100% reflective of the final production design, this model is accurate enough to understand how the S4M is designed, put together, and to plan your mods around. Please understand the S4M and this file is my intellectual property. Several key features are protected by my U.S. patents...
  12. G

    Closed S4 Mini (YouTube batch)

    Hello all, I’ll be selling my S4 mini that I recently purchased in the hopes of snagging one of the s4 skyreach models when they go up for preorder. I kind of want to try modding for an internal psu. If the older model looks better to you, you want the smallest case, or you don’t want to wait...
  13. Illoominatty

    S4 Mini Build Custom Paint Job

    I'll be posting photo soon but you can get the jist of it based on the main S4 mini thread where I've posted most photos recently but anyways. I bought a used S4 mini and USPS decided to sit on it or something causing it to get bend on the wrap around side panel. I got the dents/bend out but was...
  14. Reldey

    NFC S4 Mini #440

    For this build, I decided to keep the aluminum bezel while using a Zotac GTX 1080 Mini. I was inspired by @CubanLegend 's Ant Man build (especially the video that accompanied it), as well as @DocH 's Rare Breed build. First, a parts breakdown: PSU: GUnique ArchDaemon w/ 400 watt brick Power...
  15. Runamok81

    Zotac Releases New Mini GTX 1070

    Looks like Zotac is now offereing a Mini GTX 1070 for sale. Model ZT-P10700G-10M. Amazon link, here. This is second Mini GTX 1070 to hit the market behind the Gigabyte Mini GTX 1070. Does anyone know if the height of this Zotac Mini GTX 1070 is less than the Gigabyte Mini GTX 1070?
  16. Phryq

    Smallest case for 65W CPU and DDR4

    Hi, I know this probably gets asked a lot, but I'm not seeing the answer in any threads in this forum. I'm trying to find the smallest / thinnest possible motherboard / case combo. All I need inside the case is 1 - Desktop quad i7 (Skylake or Kabylake in January) 2 - DDR4 Ram (ideally 3...
  17. Minefoxi

    'Minefoxi's (crazy) ideas' thread (New: LAN-BOX)

    Welcome to my 'idea thread' Here you can find all the (crazy) stuff coming to my mind!
  18. Minefoxi

    Prototype [Scratch Build]Project REAL CUBE (Back online, V3.0 soon)

    My first Scratch Build wooden PC Case: PROJECT REAL CUBE Maximum Specifications and Features: ●ITX Motherboard (i7 7700K (i7 5960X) + 32GB RAM) ●ITX Style (17cm length) Mini Graphics Card (GB GTX1080) ●SFX Power Supply Unit ●Slim Slot-Loading Optical Drive (DVD/Blu-Ray) ●Decent...