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    Skyreach 4 Mini Component List, advice appreciated!

    Is there a reason you want to go with Intel? The new Ryzen 3000 CPU's offer better price and performance. Suggest you check them out From what I have read the Galax 2060 Super Mini should fit but you have to use ultra low profile PCI-E cables like this...
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    Stalled Ultra small cnc-milled itx case

    This looks awesome, it is really hard to find high quality APU size cases. I've been wanting to do something similar, but I have no skills in design software. Here are some things I have considered: - Cooling may be an issue with a solid top, so adding some kind of ventilation on top could be...
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    All But Given Up On Smaller-than-FlexPSU Brickless Project

    I agree that a CPU with no GPU that can be cooled by a 37mm tall cooler likely doesn't consume 250W, so I think you would be safe with less power such as the HDPLEX 160W DC-ATX & HDPLEX 160W AC-DC combo. I bet you could fit everything into a Streacom F7C Evo if you are looking for a small...
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    Just finished a hybrid Ryzen 2700X and VEGA 64 Mini Beast

    Wow. That is awesome! I’m curious about the power button as well.
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    Has anyone tried modding the case to accept the C14 plug from the HDPLEX AC-DC unit?
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    Cooling [Linus] Graphite Thermal Interface Sheet from IC

    I’d really like to get my hands on one of these. Has anyone from Canada got their hands on them yet, or seen anywhere that ships to Canada?
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    Skyreach S4M - Brickless minimalist build

    Looks awesome! What did you do with the yellow ground wire from the HDPLEX 160W AC-DC?
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    I know I'm not alone in saying that I hope it comes out soon! :-D
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    I tested my i5-8400 and EVGA 1060 SC and when running the Heaven benchmark, from the wall I was pulling about 170-185 with peaks around 200. Personally, as much as I'd like to run the HDPLEX 160W AC-DC, it feels like that may be cutting it a little close to its limit, so I am going to stick with...
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    @McTeags do you have any pictures of your setup with the HDPLEX 300W AC-DC and 1080?
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    This looks very promising! Has anyone else tried using the HDPLEX 300W AC-DC with something like the EVGA 1060 SC? I am tempted to order one and take my belt sander to it like @friendswithben did. It appears that you only need to remove 2-3mm of material for it to fit. Anyone see any issues with...
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    Power Supply HDPlex 160W AC-DC News!

    This is disappointing to hear. I bought a HDPLEX 160 AC-DC based on this thread in anticipation of using it with a EVGA 1060 SC and i5-8400.
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    Orangulan Deux - 2 Bricks 1 Case

    Count me in as eagerly awaiting this build. I'm putting together a 1060 brickless, but the idea of a 1080 brickless is very exciting. With any luck the next generation of NVIDIA cards will need even less power and we will have more "mini" options available.
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    Power Supply Power brick for Skyreach S4M, nothing available in canada..

    Could you share the model number of the Delta 400w PSU you found that fits inside the S4M?
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    Power Supply HDPlex 160W AC-DC News!

    I asked this in the S4M thread, but it may be more appropriate here. I've got all my parts together for my new S4M build except for the power supply. Given my system specs below can I get away with a brickless build using the HDPLEX 160W DC-ATX & HDPLEX 160W AC-DC? CPU: Intel i5-8400 Cooler...