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    S4 + HDPlex 200 possible brickless + build questions

    Personal experience, 8700 DOES NOT consume 65W, it goes upto 80-85 during full load. 65 is TDP. the combo of 1060 mini and 8700 will not work unless you underclock or undervolt considerabley!
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    Skyreach S4 mini brickless build with new Zotac GTX 1650 super (FITS)

    Me actually run the same card in brickless but lower wattage power supply and faster components! Its mind boggling, when you can run the following with minor undervolting of the graphics card. Intel i7 8700 (Non-K) 32gb Gskill 3200 DDR4 970 evo plus 500GB WD Green 128gb m2 2tb seagate hdd 500gb...
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    @Josh | NFC Can you kinldy share the details of the Xeon platinum build? (Posted on Youtube)
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    Dynamo Combo Setup Guide

    Currently, my build consists of HDplex 160 DC-DC powered by Meanwell 24V 200UHP, on a 8700, 1060 mini, 2x2.5 hdd. Planning to upgrade the graphics with 2070 mini. I'm sure the current setup cannot handle that combo. If I'm adding a Dynamo 360 powered by a HDplex 160AC-DC (I already own). Can I...
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    May I know which hole we are talking about? If its the rear ones, definitely it wont fit, as its 12mm. If its front ones, i dont see why it can't because the connecting diameter is less than 16mm. Some pictures might help.
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    Mate!!! I run a 8700 (Non-k) delidded with l9i, Max temp in stress is 89-90deg C. Idles at 38 deg C, non-undervolted.,. it should run cooler than mine...
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    Power Supply HDPlex 400W AC-DC Adapter

    Just showed up on my youtube subscription, not seen yet due to work. Since I'm very curious to know how things went on the video, anyone who has watched the whole can help me with the below? 1. Does it fit in S4Mini? 2. How the mounting is suggested? screwed from outside or inside? 3. What...
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    Power Supply HDPlex 400W AC-DC Adapter

    He is the secret santa for most, the guy from HDplex
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    Abnormal Idle Temp - i5-8400 & NH-L9i (65c avg w/ ASUS Z370i)

    It works better with wrong orientation. (Or is it wrong if it works?)
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    Dynamo 360 with Hdplex 160DC-ATX

    But both the Dynamo 360 and the HDplex 160 have sync lines marked 5v, Not sure it can sync?
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    Dynamo 360 with Hdplex 160DC-ATX

    Thanks for the reply, The question was slightly different. The layout planned is: 1. Meanwell UHP200-24>HDplex 160DC-DC>Motherboard + CPU ^ sync...
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    Dynamo 360 with Hdplex 160DC-ATX

    I have a similar query, I currently run a 8700 & 1060 with a hdplex 160 and Mean well uhp200-24. Is it possible that i can add another meanwell (12 or 24V) to the Dynamo 360 and drive the graphics card with it? Can the sync work between HDplex 160 & Dynamo 360 even if powered individually? The...
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    Though copper is a good conductor, its oxide layer is not... If the ihs forms an oxide layer it might be less conductive to heat.. Thats why intel coats the IHS before installing. Though it might look sick, you are gonna slap a heatsink anyway...
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    Brickless S4M w/ GTX1080 and i8700k - Dual PSU *completed*

    Senpai finally notices.... Its really a great effort in cramming so much hardware in this much volume.
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    S4 MINI Classic (S4M-C)

    At least the power cables interfere....