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    NZXT H1 mini overkill

    Not my build, I recommend asking the OP on reddit
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    H200 and double 240mm

    Only possible with what I consider more modding than what's worth your time. The H200/210 only has space and venting for one 140mm fan on top, same for the rear, the only place to put the first 240mm rad is at the front. The second can't go at the back, so you'd have to remove the pump bracket...
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    NZXT H1 mini overkill

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    NZXT H1 mini overkill,221,504,591 Most powerful CPU i've seen the Kraken x42 paired with is the 3900x and it generally handles that alright. The 3950x is supposedly the same thermal power output, even a little bit less in some cases due to better binning. I don't think you have...
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    Building a Custom ITX PC Case...might call it Nova

    What materials?
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    New member, advice needed on a HDPlex H5 Gen2 Build

    I've read that the fan is actually decent on it. Don't buy it with the intent to mod a noctua into it, all kinds of stuff to learn before you end up with a stable power supply (it expects a fan signal to run, it tends to blast the noctua at full power, the noctua doesn't move enough air, just...
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    New member, advice needed on a HDPlex H5 Gen2 Build

    Your power brick is the wrong voltage for use with an HDPlex 400 DC-ATX. Just buy the HDPlex 400w combo with their power brick if you're already buying a case designed for it.
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    Splitting 400w DC Input?

    This box would fit it like a glove, you'd just have to cut into it for fans, I/O, and mounting (adding rubber grommets where appropriate to protect cables, check That's how I would do it.
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    Splitting 400w DC Input?

    The MeanWell units come with a variety of enclosure options, I'd say anything but the bare pcb version is safe enough to have outside your pc case, as long as it's away from water and other conductors. I actually have mine just sitting on my desk (the closed mesh version RPS 500W 24V) powering...
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    Splitting 400w DC Input?

    This is what you need. Even with a meanwell RPS/EPP 400W 12V, the ripple is a little too high to recommend plugging directly into your GPU 12V inputs, it's not clean power (ATX Spec is 120mV max ripple for the 12V line, meanwells are something like 200mV). Some people have done it that way...
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    muRata PSUs? (MVAC400-12AF)

    Make sure to remember that this PSU is rated to produce 250 watts fan less and needs a fan for the whole 400. Check the datasheet
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    Hardest Build Yet - Sliger SM580 / Dual 2080Ti SLI / 3950x / Custom Loop

    This is so sweet. I wish someone made a single PCI-e slot form factor reservoir, it could fit pretty handily between your two cards. The question is how much water could be fit in a custom milled enclosure that size.
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    Selling Jonsbo and Dell ITX cases

    Hi, Sorry to reanimate a long dead thread, but I was wondering if you still had the U2 and were interested in selling it?
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    Building your own CPU cooler?

    Seconded on those insights! I've bought a couple of copper heat pipes and aluminum fin stacks, just need to machine the evaporator block and bend the pipes. I think I understand how to attach the heat pipes to the block (solder for copper to copper, braze aluminum to copper, potentially need to...
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    Dan A4-SFX V4 3900X Asetek 645LT Workstation

    Ah, gotcha. To be fair, I also don't personally find a couple of percent loss in performance to be significant. I'm new here, have to remember it's an SFF enthusiast forum and not a spec-centric one.