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Jul 19, 2019
Intro + my build:

I've just made my first complete set of PSU cables, sleeved and everything. Pretty satisfied with my work, everything functions as anticipated, I dutifully followed the (mercifully 1:1 with ATX standards) PSU pinout of my HDPlex 400W and nothing went wrong. Running a 3700x and 2060 super mini with 16 AWG connections.

  • Hypothetically, what could have gone wrong if I replaced one of my CPU EPS GND connections with a dummy cable?
    • I'm curious how badly the current carrying capacity would have been affected by this. The plastic molex connectors themselves have a temperature rating of 13 amps,the maximum for a Mini-fit Jr. single pin on a fuly loaded 24pin connector is 8 amps (for example), and the 16AWG wire is good for at least 10 amps. I've also checked HDplex's full load output for each voltage, I don't believe I'm reaching anywhere near any of these limitations as is.
    • With my multimeter I've confirmed for myself that each of the GND pins in their respective connectors CPU's eight pin connector, for example, are indeed electrically connected as a common ground. Would dropping from 4 to 3 GNDs here actually matter?
  • How much current is actually carried over a sense wire to do its thing? What's the minimum gauge of wire that will do the job there?

Admittedly, I'm trying to do something a little ricey. The case I'm designing is completely open with the entire length of the cables on full display. I'd like 1 cable on each connector to be replaced by this 3mm ARGB led rope I'm manufacturing, sleeved in transparent PET, as part of my build (powered by usb). They're rated to survive temps greater than I've ever measured my cables at, so I'm not worried about bundling them in with the heat.

For the 24 pin, I'll be replacing the legacy, now unused -5V pin, for the CPU I hope to be able to replace a single ground, and for the GPU I want to replace the Sense B cable with a semi-dummy incorporating no smaller than 20 gauge cable for voltage regulation (intel guidelines recommend at least 22 gaguge here, for short runs).

Speaking of, I'm unsure why 6 pin PCI-E is rated for 75 watts with 3 12V connections and 3 GND connections, then jumps to 150 watt for the PCIe-E 6+2 pin with 3 12V connections and 4 GND connections. Does the current carrying capacity rise and resistance drop that much the addition of a single extra GND cable?

I ask humbly that the responses be constructive. Just trying to learn here.
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