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    Rumor Fractal Design ERA ITX - 16.7L SSF Mainstream Chassis

    Man, they so missed the mark with the lack of space below the GPU. You can't even use a GPU if you want to install 2x140mm fans in the bottom? That's just crazy. Maybe with custom watercooling it would fit if you have a 1-slot GPU waterblock but then you can only cool both your CPU and GPU...
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    C14s > U9s with intake GPU fans?

    Can you fit 25mm fans underneath this GPU if you remove the shroud with stock fans? I notice it's a very beefy card.
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    My Humble NCase M1 (Dual 240mm Custom Loop)

    It is, if I would use the sidebracket. But I'm not using that from an aesthethic perspective, I'd like to have a windowed side panel once they're available for order again. So without the sidebracket and having everything inside the case 240+92mm radiators seems to be the maximum that's possible.
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    My Humble NCase M1 (Dual 240mm Custom Loop)

    @Theai One 240 radiator (the XSPC you see in the picture) and one 92 radiator (54mm thickness) in the rear from HardwareLabs.
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    My Humble NCase M1 (Dual 240mm Custom Loop)

    There are no mounting points and there's no room in the top of the Ncase. There will also be a 92mm rad placed in the rear so the bottom is really the best spot. I'll experiment with both 25mm and 15mm fans and see what yields the best result. I'm hoping by putting the fans as exhaust it will...
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    My Humble NCase M1 (Dual 240mm Custom Loop)

    Received more of the ordered parts in the meanwhile. The XSPC TX240 fits with fullsize 25mm fans below the GPU, but I wonder if this will improve performance over using 15mm fans. There's hardly any breathing room between rad and GPU. I have the fans currently set as exhaust. The terminator...
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    Ncase N1 - Double thickness 120 AIO Possible?

    My 2 cents: Change your dual 120 AIO setup for a single 240 AIO for your CPU and go for either a shroudless GPU with 2x 25mm fans underneath or remove the GPU heatsink and attach an Arctic Accelero. Undervolt your GPU. Replace the thermal paste on your CPU and GPU with higher quality one or...
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    NZXT H1 is new SFF case that includes 650w SFX and 140mm AIO

    Just the bare case would be more interesting to the majority of the members here I believe. I wonder if NZXT would find it worth the investment to offer this. It perhaps would offer more customisation options in terms of radiator and fan placement. Having said that, I'd LOVE it if Fractal...
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    Noise Comparison - SM560 vs NCase M1

    @The_Mad_Madman No thermal pads needed, the Accelero III comes with heatsinks and thermal glue. Kryonaut is excellent paste and easy to apply. Conductonaut brings some risks in applying it but will offer better cooling performance, somewhere between 3 and 8 degrees cooler I would say. It's up to...
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    Noise Comparison - SM560 vs NCase M1

    @The_Mad_Madman I'm using it with a 2080 Super, so I can't comment on the 5700XT. But, according to the Arctic website both the III and IV are compatible. For me the temps dropped about 20c with the Accelero, Conductonaut and a slight undervolt. Conductonaut is liquid metal, which will give you...
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    Noise Comparison - SM560 vs NCase M1

    @The_Mad_Madman Yes, Accelero III is preferred, IV can be used as well but requires you to leave out the included backplate and purchase separate heatsinks for your RAM and VRM. Mine in the picture is the IV. Although there are mounting holes for 140 fans in the Ncase V6 I don't think they'll...
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    Noise Comparison - SM560 vs NCase M1

    I'm not sure how space is in the SM560 but in the Ncase you have a few options for your GPU that can improve noise levels significantly: - Remove the shroud with stock fans and place 2 Noctua 25mm fans on the bottom as exhaust. This depends on your GPU model though, ideally you'd want the...
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    3950x + 2080ti build, bottom radiator thickness

    i'm currently in the process of building a similar setup. It depends on what waterblock you'll use but the EK Classic series is the thinnest block (16.4mm) out there as far as I'm aware. With that, you should be able to fit a 30mm thick rad with slim fans, or an ultrathin rad (e.g. XSPC TX240...
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    Please verify my build plan

    You should be able fit 2 slim fans in the bottom of the case, e.g. Noctua NF-A12-15. You can't fit a 92mm fan in the rear, it will be obstructed by your radiator with fans. But if you don't mind you could mount the fan on the outside of the case.
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    My Humble NCase M1 (Dual 240mm Custom Loop)

    Received my EK SPC-60 pump today and it really fits perfectly inside the Ncase. It came with an RES-140 reservoir which is too long as I want to mount the pump vertically. So I ordered the RES-100 reservoir as a spare part (only 8 EUR) and now the entire pump/res combo is only 130mm tall...