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    Discussion Consistency of location of a cpu socket, relative to the board?

    There is no specification for where the CPU socket should be, it's entirely the choice of the manufacturer. In practice, for an "usual" ITX layout, a ±5 mm variance on each axes is almost guaranteed between various board models, but larger variance isn't uncommon, and then there are boards that...
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    Hello SFF network, working on a 6.5liter A4000 5950X workstation.

    The RTX A4000 is indeed quite efficient, but it still is a 140W GPU, which is a lot to dissipate in a single slot form factor. I've used some of the much lower TDP single slot blower style Nvidia Quadro/Pro SKUs, and they are definitely a lot noiser under load than your typical 2.5 slot...
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    Hello SFF network, working on a 6.5liter A4000 5950X workstation.

    Nice design but : - I am also concerned by the turbulence noise from the fan, especially since the panel seems quite thick. Maybe you should consider putting an internally mounted classic wire fan grill instead. This being said, the blower fan of that A4000 kinda make any noise optimization...
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    Discussion Cases that can handle 400w+ next gen gpu

    Watercooling aside, mods like deshrouding, intake ducting and exhaust isolation will likely be the best way to handle those thermal power levels. The upcoming DAN/Lian-Li C4-SFX will likely be a good candidate, but currently the best case for such mods is the NR200.
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    SFF.Network Gigabyte Launches Budget ITX LGA-1700 H610 Motherboard

    I agree that it's unfortunate that MB vendors don't communicate clearly what power limits the board power delivery is designed for. To me, the core of the issue is that paradigm shift where Intel (and AMD to a lesser extent) are essentially making self-overclocking chips. Pushing 250W in a CPU...
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    SFF.Network Gigabyte Launches Budget ITX LGA-1700 H610 Motherboard

    I expect PL1/PL2 to be limited to something like 100/125W in the BIOS. There are tons of low-mid level boards with 4/5/6 CPU phases and zero VRM extra cooling that perform perfectly fine, but they have max power limits set according to what the board can deliver. For example the ASrock...
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    GPU 3080Ti Asus TUF shroud mod (need Technical Drawings). NCase M1

    There are a few r/sffpc posts about builds with deshrouded Asus 3080 TUF Ti/non Ti (same design), including one in a NCase M1. What I can tell from those is : You won't get a much more thermal headroom with a deshroud mod over the stock 3080 TUF fans/shroud, but that will definitely improve...
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    Should laptops be water-cooled?

    If that mean having an external radiator on you desk to connect the laptop to (like that specimen you linked), I'm not sure I see the point. The internal heatpipe /air based cooling system still need to be able to do the job when that external WC system isn't connected, so this just add a lot of...
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    GPU Silverstone ML08 - GPU Compatibly

    According to the ML08 manual, max thickness from the front of PCB to the side panel is 43mm : The issue is that GPU specs almost never provide a thickness measurement from a known reference point (ie, the PCB), which make the thickness they give quite useless, as it all depends on the GPU...
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    Concept DIY case - 26L - Aircooled - Mini-ITX - ATX PSU - Full size GPU - 4x3.5" bays

    Not-so-SFF 34.7 x 20 x 37.2 cm (26 L) case project : I'm designing it with the following constraints/objectives : "Classic ATX tower" level of component compatibility Minimal accessories cost (no PCIE riser, PSU internal cable...) Accessible DIY construction with minimal tooling Efficient...
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    Enclosure Front panel PCB model

    Gotmachine submitted a new resource: Front panel PCB model - 2 x USB 3.0 + HD audio IN/OUT Read more about this resource...
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    .STEP Front panel PCB model 2020-10-09

    Small front panel PCB with 2 USB 3.0 ports and 3.5mm jacks in/out Modeled from a part available on AliExpress. Vendor is "PASTOP Official Store" see references in attached txt file. Dimensions are exact according to the schematic provided by the vendor.
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    .STEP Generic SFX and SFX-L models 1

    Basic SFX and SFX-L power supplies models, with to-spec 6-32 UNC mounting holes positions.
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    Power Supply Generic SFX and SFX-L models

    Gotmachine submitted a new resource: Generic SFX and SFX-L models - To SFX specs with 6-32 UNC mounting holes positions Read more about this resource...