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    Buying [USA-NY] Want to buy 3060 Ti, possibly 3070 or 2070 Super

    I'm looking to upgrade to a 3060 Ti, or possibly a 3070 or 2070 Super. As close to MSRP as possible is good, though I'm expecting some markup given the current market. Smaller is better (of course :)) I'd really like a model with a short PCB--something like the PNY 3060 Ti, though I'm not...
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    Prototype Introducing the Chimera CX2

    I’m assuming they mean the Sidearmd T1, another case in development on the forum!
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    The New UI Doesn't Easily Let You See Which Threads You've Read

    This is working perfectly now! Thank you so much for all the hard work on the updated site!
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    The New UI Doesn't Easily Let You See Which Threads You've Read

    I love the new design of sff.network, but there's one thing that's been bothering me. When you looked at a forum page (Custom Projects, for example), you could see at a glance which threads you had read all the posts in and which you hadn't. I like checking a couple times a day and reading all...
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    10.6L DIY case with semi-passive cooling concept

    Super interesting, thanks for testing it out!
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    10.6L DIY case with semi-passive cooling concept

    Apparently convection doesn’t make that much of a difference in such a small space with forced airflow. Gamers nexus covered this in their revisit of the Silverstone RV02, a case that had great airflow but was marketed on the basis that the fans being on the bottom of the case made a major...
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    GPU Zotac GTX 1080 Mini

    Definitely don’t just reuse the old paste! Reusing the thermal pads that are on the card is fine though—just try not to touch them. It’s pretty easy to replace the thermal paste. You’ll need to clean off the GPU die and the heat sink with rubbing alcohol, just like you would for a CPU. Be...
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    Show your new toys Topic

    Finally bought parts for my next SFF PC! I'm trying to get into overclocking more, planning to shunt mod the 1070 and throw an AIO on it for fun (Gamers Nexus has been tempting me :))... after playing around with that some I have to find a case tiny enough to fly with! Does anybody have...
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    Stalled Modivio xCase - customizable console-style case

    Which variant are you looking at? You should get quite nice performance with the version that has room for a CLC. If you’re looking for one of the more compact versions I have a set of adapters to let you put an NH-L12S on the narrow ILM socket. They’ve been modded with a hacksaw (they’re...
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    Gamers nexus reviews Itx cases: "Mini-ITX Case Review Round-Up: Taku, SG13, & Core V1"

    I was really excited to see this! Steve certainly goes on in his videos, but I trust his thermal testing more than anybody else on YouTube. I do hope that he considers testing Mini-ITX cases with a couple of different coolers from now on, maybe a tower, CLC, and downdraft cooler if it’s not...
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    Computex 2018!!

    I’m really hoping for some more eGPU products... preferably some lower priced options! The dream would be somebody selling a Thunderbolt to PCIe adapter so I could build my own, but I doubt that’s going to happen :\. Because of the latest update to MacOS, I’m hoping to get the most SFF eGPU...
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    GPU Zotac GTX 1080 Mini

    Right here in SFF Network's review :): https://smallformfactor.net/reviews/zotac-1080-mini-review#Measurements All the measurements one could ever need!
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    x299 M1

    What site are you using to host the image? Imgur always works fine for me, just make sure you are linking to the image itself for your insertion—the url should end in”.jpg”.
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    GPU Aetina N1050TI-L9FX GTX 1050ti

    You can mod anything! Finding a cooler that fits precisely and is so low profile might be a bit tricky. I’m sure you could do it if you find something low profile enough! You’ll also want to make sure to get a 1050ti with a single slot of rear connectors. Otherwise you will have to cut off...
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    GPU Aetina N1050TI-L9FX GTX 1050ti

    It does look super compact--thermals on it are probably going to be perfectly acceptable, if not great. I'd wager it's gonna be kind of loud out of the box and you may not be able to change the fan curve because it's an OEM part. Users on here have had issues changing fan speeds on cards that...