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    ITX tray with modular PCI and PSU, price check!

    I've made a 3D model of NATi's itx kit and uploaded .STEP files that you can use for your prototype. The model may differ with +/- 0.5mm but should be quite accurate. Link to download: .STEP - ITX kit v1.337 rev2 by NATi Send me a mail if you find any problem or have questions:
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    .STEP ITX kit v1.337 rev2 by NATi v1.0

    Hello SFF community! Here's a model of NATi's itx kit that I've made. Link to his vendor thread. Modeled with caliper and dimensions of the model may vary by +/- 0.25-0.50 mm but it should be quite accurate. If you find anything wrong or have questions please PM me, I'll continually update the...
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    Enclosure ITX kit v1.337 rev2 by NATi

    eiselx86 submitted a new resource: ITX kit v1.337 rev2 by NATi - step model Read more about this resource...
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    Cooling Mini USB to Motherboard Header Cable for AIO Coolers (i.e. Kraken X52)

    Sorry, didn't catch what you wanted it to do. To answer the question, yes it would work.
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    Zotac loud idle - pwm converter?

    It should be able to read the signal and output what frequency the card sings at. If you figure out at what range the fan operates within it should be quite easy to format a table to convert the signals in to a value (ex. 0-255, 0-1023 etc). Don't know of any "ready to use" product that does...
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    Cooling Mini USB to Motherboard Header Cable for AIO Coolers (i.e. Kraken X52)

    I assume it operates at 12V and around 1.5A max current draw. USB 2.0 ports are specified to support a current output of 5V, 600mA. USB 3.0 can output 5V, 900mA. This tells you that a USB port shouldn't be able supply enough power to the AIO. Windows would also shut the USB port off it detects...
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    News ASL GTX 1060 Single-slot with two flavors (3GB/6GB) spotted!

    Saw this while browsing AliExpress last night, looks like a perfect fit for thin-itx or HTPC system. I don't know if this card is well known or been posted before, so I thought I'd share it with the community.
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    Motherboard Thin ITX Discussion Thread Saw this single-slot 1060 on aliexpress...
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    Completed Project Thin-X case: Super small, super flexible

    Lovely design! Agree with you on your decision to not design a solely thin-itx case. The industry doesn't have basic standards set really. Component layout like CPU socket orientation, memory placement, and many others tend to differ a lot between brands/models. I was going to suggest that you...
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    The new site is essentially a modern piece of bloatware junk.

    I like the header pictures but the "Most recent post" column should have a solid/close to solid color. I painted this example: PS. DO NOT USE PATTERNS BEHIND TEXT Keep up the good work :thumb:
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    Newbie looking to build boat computer

    I'd suggest getting an intel low tdp processor (ex i7-8700T) and a workstation card like someone already mentioned.
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    Motherboard Thin ITX Discussion Thread

    @kotproger Mainly due to availability! The socket orientation isn't a problem as I will design the case myself. The 19V input isn't a problem as I would have to buy a laptop PSU anyway.
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    Motherboard Thin ITX Discussion Thread

    @Windfall I haven't checked what models are available for the am4 platform, gotta check later tonight. No, I don't think there is. Taobao (and all other china shops) make it hard to browse by parameter. If you'd want we could do a Google Docs spreadsheet together? Would be nice for other...
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    Motherboard Thin ITX Discussion Thread

    @Windfall Interested! Got a specific model in mind?
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    Other A new 3D Application to help you layout a system.

    Main issue (Firefox) was that I managed to scroll down the page countless times. When scrolling up you then get stopped by the window. Adding a keybind on the mouse to delete current selection would speed up the workflow. Looks promising :)