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    Lazer3D Launches the HT5 - and a Giveaway!

    I love the LZ7 but I really, really am tempted to get a CG7 soon.
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    Rumor Possibility of AMD on STX form factor

    @Josh, please tell me you'll consider making a shortened Skyreach 4 Mini STX case. I absolutely love the design, but I've come to use mine solely with a 2400G + HDPLEX 150W now, with lots of empty space (ironically enough). Pretty, pretty please? ;)
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    Other Mini itx + DC to POE + POE switch?

    There are a few PoE splitters that support 802.3at (PoE+) inputs and can output 12V/19V/24V. The NUCs use 19V inputs, and I believe the DC-ATX power supplies do as well. You just need to find a PoE splitter that can output 19V, which the one listed doesn’t seem to do.
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    Stalled 3.5L HTPC Case- Made for Ryzen!

    The magnetic fan filters are basically fine mesh filters with a magnetic outline so they can stick to the case intake areas. The Fractal Design cases implement these with a recessed (2mm?) area that fits the filter exactly so that alignment isn’t a problem (and they fit flush with the case)...
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    Motherboard Sapphire 5x5 Ryzen embedded APU

    You also don’t need a whole PSU as it has a 19V DC jack, similar to the Intel NUCs. Still though, it’s a tad pricey.
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    Production S700: Salvo Studios <23L ATX Steel Watercooled Unibody Chassis

    Thanks for doing the measurements! I'm not married to the Enermax AIO (nor do I own one yet) so if a NZXT AIO fits, I'd happily use it. Though unfortunately it seems like there are few TR4 AIOs so this might be tricky. Either way, pretty excited about the possibilities with this case.
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    Production S700: Salvo Studios <23L ATX Steel Watercooled Unibody Chassis

    Looking to do a SFF watercooled Threadripper build in the near future with the Enermax LiqTech TR4 240mm AIO. Would be pretty fun with this case.
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    Stalled 3.5L HTPC Case- Made for Ryzen!

    Just giving you a hard time, appreciate the design coming along. Definitely like the idea of fitting a HDPLEX 160W + AC/DC internal brick with proper mounting points. Have you decided on what the cooler / memory height clearance will be? ~60mm would be idea to fit most compact cooler choices...
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    Stalled 3.5L HTPC Case- Made for Ryzen!

    Really cool case design. In my overzealous quest to eliminate Intel at my house, one of the last things I want to replace is my i3 NUC. I was looking at the Udoo Bolt but it's gonna be December before I can even get one (and it'll still be embedded at best). This is exactly what I have in mind...
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    Motherboard ASROCK X470 Fatal1ty Gaming ITX/ac Mini-ITX motherboard leaked

    Great board, I upgraded to one from the B350 variant with my 2700X. Definitely more aggressive with XFR2 and PBO, and was able to push my RAM to 3400MHz no problem. The review is spot on, but I wish it would have touched on the benefits of the X470 chipset itself. I felt like there was a lot...
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    Power Supply HDPlex 400W AC-DC Adapter

    I can vouch for Larry as well, great guy and always responds quickly. Will be purchasing the 400W AC-DC adapter ASAP. The Dell 330w brick can handle the Vega Nano with -50% PL, but it feels like walking on eggshells.
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    Yes! I have been toying with Wattman and doing just this. So far I am at: GPU P6 1537 MHz @ 1050 mV GPU P7 1612 MHz @ 1100 mV HBM 900 MHz @ 950 mV Power Limit -50% Default Fan Curve (85 Max, 74 Target, Fan Auto) I remember that R9 thread too and tried one which yielded similar results in my...
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    Got mine today from Newegg (via the eGPU enclosure combo). I’m getting power cuts (PC turns off) when running 3D Mark Sky Diver benchmark. This is both with standard and power saver profiles in Wattman. My setup is a S4M (Ryzen 5 2600) with HDPLEX 400W + Dell 330w brick. Suspect that...
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    I will be testing one of these as soon as I can procure one. Will be watching Newegg and other retailers like a hawk.
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    Accessory Electric Magic Ultra Slim 13.3 inch Portable LED Monitor IPS Screen Review

    I have the ASUS MB16AC 15.4” 1080p USB-C monitor for my S4M. I’m interested in the 2K res of this one but it does appear a bit more bulky or fragile than the ASUS. I do like the speakers on his one as the ASUS does not have speakers. What is neat about the ASUS is that it supports both USB-C...