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    Sata... Switch?

    The basic idea is a hybrid system. A dock that has a low power, low cost PC running services, but when the main system is docked, the low power system is turned off and resources are routed to the main system. I use unRaid for NAS, docker, and virtualization. And with some tweaking, it could...
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    Sata... Switch?

    It was just an idea. The more I think about it the worse it sounds, but also pretty cool from a "why not" stand point. Basically a way to have a high end system work as a travel PC or as a high-performance server. When the high end system is in "travel mode", all of the devices are connected to...
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    Sata... Switch?

    A random idea popped into my head today and after practicing Google Fu, I found nothing. Does anyone know of a device that when a switch is flipped, a connected sata device would be switched from 1 sata connection to another? Pretty much a sata demultiplexer? If not I'll have to play with just...
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    Lets talk OG SFF Cases. Who do you think started it? Where did you start?

    I had built roughly 300 systems between friends, family and work. Working at a LAN center through most of my college years as IT support and finally a systems administrator, I had built or spec'd out PCs for 3 centers and consulted with around 30 companies on what they should be using for the...
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    Rumor Possibility of AMD on STX form factor

    Only if they hadn't done something similar before. At my work we purposely reuse designs because they don't need to be recertified. If we can show it is the same then we just pay the fee and move on with our lives. Actually getting a design certified is a lot of work though for something new and...
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    SFF.Network CES 2019: ASRock

    Very nice. $119 is definitely a steal.
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    What did you do today?

    Work related: just got told I'm traveling to China and Germany in the near future. Guess I need to finally get that passport haha. Non work related: Managed to get the JVM ported to the Nintendo Switch today. Opens up the possibility of porting the android sdk and getting some of the opensource...
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    Project Kase², My NAS

    Looking forward to the progress. I used to have a very similar microserver from an old job (it was replaced with 4 Google blades and I got it from the owner for $30). Im actually looking at replacing my current NAS with something a bit more powerful (my nas also runs a docker swarm and a few...
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    Interested in travel, travel hacking, etc?

    Ha I could use some tips, I've been making a 4 hour trip to West Michigan for work the last few months (Stay Sunday night to Friday morning in hotels/camps, come back home on the weekend). Its costing me an arm and a leg, but its still cheaper than renting an apartment for the time being.
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    DIY mITX Case made with Bio-composite Panels

    I really like the flax panels. Any chance of getting a video on the entire vacuum setup/process? I've never done anything like it and would like to attempt it one day for a project.
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    Completed Project Jolokia - Tiny but potent

    I agree that in its stock form a Hadron is very different and not comparable other than the shape. But its also possible to get user created cad files for it whereas the Jolokia would probably take longer depending on when/if Aibo comes back to the site. Take the Hadron, scale it down, remove a...
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    Completed Project Jolokia - Tiny but potent

    You could pull the EVGA Hadron files (there are some floating around the internet). The two cases are very similar and would take very little to make the changes to make it into a jolokia. Starting from scratch is also an option and design based on the images in this thread and in the ATX case...
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    25 liters - 12GPU mining case - plexi

    Digging the plexi and the cable management, always good seeing your work :D
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    What did you do today?

    Shoved arch onto a nintendo switch for the fun of it. Managed to get a UI running but honestly I think i'll stay away from messing with it much until cfw is launched. Don't have time to fix driver issues, but it was cool seeing it run.
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    h55 fits in Hadron Air with no mods

    The Hadron fits a lot more than you'd think it does (My avatar pic is a hadron with crossfire and a custom loop).