ErYing Delivers a Fantasy SFF Motherboard

Chinese motherboard manufacturer (尔英) ErYing has released a “Fantasy” series motherboard featuring Intel 12th generation Alder Lake CPU’s, except it’s not what you might think.  The CPU’s available are mobile variants with a 45W base TDP and soldered to the motherboard.  It looks like it can use a standard intel cooler mount however, and might make for some interesting SFF builds.  While they offer both ITX and mATX boards, the ITX is the most interesting for SFF.  Currently on Chinese retailer, the board is listed (but not yet available) in 3 CPU variants.  Prices and specs are listed below. …

Framework Next Level Event Answers Every Rumor with “Yes”

Framework, a startup laptop company that launched it’s first product in 2021, announced a plethora of products at it’s Next Level event this morning.  The basic premise behind the company is that it wants to reduce e-waste by making upgradeable laptops so you only replace the parts you need/want.  They also offer a level of customization through their unique USB-C expansion cards and also their standardized components shared across all generations of the laptop. Starting off the presentation, Framework announced the unsurprising and expected Intel 13th gen Raptor Lake mainboards.  Unfortunately, prices increased by nearly $100 for the DIY version …

Minisforum UM690 (6900HX) Review

Today the UM690 follows up on our previous reviews of Minisforum mini PCs.  Unlike the previous two reviews, we now have RDNA2 graphics and Zen 3+ CPU cores, which should offer a significant uptick in performance across the board.  As you may recall from the UM480 review, I was not particularly impressed with the chassis that Minisforum picked for that PC.  That chassis makes an appearance again today with the UM690, albeit with a more powerful 120W power supply.  Keeping in previous themes of comparing these mini PC’s with equivalent ITX APU builds, I will be benchmarking the UM690 against …

Minisforum UM480 (4800U) Review

Recently we took a look at the HM90 mini PC, today we’re taking a look at a smaller, cheaper, and probably less powerful UM480 from Minisforum.  Minisforum released this last fall, but it was overshadowed by bigger news such as the UM690.  It shares the same design, but it is built to a much lower budget.  Despite this, it might be possible that it matches the HM90 we reviewed earlier, as it does have TDP limits unlocked in BIOS. SPECS & PORTS Like the HM90, the UM480 is using a 4000 series Ryzen mobile processor.  The chassis is smaller than …

Minisforum HM90 (4900h) Review

Over the next few months I will be releasing a series of Mini PC reviews.  Today I’m starting with one that I’ve been sitting on for awhile, over a year in fact.  It is the Minisforum HM90, powered by a somewhat dated but still powerful Ryzen R9 4900H mobile APU.  Like most mini PC’s, this means you cannot upgrade the CPU, but you can upgrade the RAM, SSD, and WiFi card.  PC’s like the HM90 are quite a bit smaller than even the smallest ITX builds, and could easily be mistaken for something like a Thunderbolt dock.  While the HM90 …

InWin B1 HTPC Case Review

Introduction Earlier this year InWin announced their latest HTPC case, the B1.  More stylish than the popular Chopin with a tempered glass cover, and following a different cooling principle than the open air H Frame mini of yesteryear, the B1 is an affordable and stylish case for those seeking a compact home server or mini PC. At the time of writing, the B1 is $85.00 on Amazon, coming in under the InWin Chopin ($99.00).  It offers a 200w 80 plus gold power supply as well as an 80mm internal fan, but trades the durable aluminum aesthetic of the Chopin for …

CPU Cooler Shootout: Ep. 2 featuring ID-Cooling IS-50 and IS-60

Extra holiday time means more time for CPU cooler testing!  Following up with the IS-40 v3, today we are adding the IS-50 and IS-60 to the mix.  These are larger than the IS-40 and round out the high end for ID-Cooling’s Iceland (IS) series.  Be sure to check out the video on Youtube and give your feedback either in the comments there or on our forum discussion.  

Let’s Start! CPU Cooler Shootout Episode 1 begins with the ID-Cooling IS-40 v3

It is quite long overdue but it’s finally time to get this party started.  Today marks the first episode of the new SFFn CPU Cooler shootout.  We’re starting off with ID-Cooling’s IS-40 v3, but there will be plenty more being added to the list in the coming months.  Be sure to check out the video on Youtube and give your feedback either in the comments there or on our forum discussion.