CES 2019: Digital Storm

First visit of the day, and what a product! Digital Storm had on display their Micro-STX based Project Spark – now slated for release in Q1 this year! Now featuring a i7-9900K processor and MXM 2080 GPU, it’s a mini powerhouse. Note: the final revision will include a monoblock covering both CPU and GPU – eschewing the notoriously loud MXM cooler. Also of note, the power brick will be upgraded to a 330w unit, or parallel 600w units.   Thoughts? Discuss them in the forum.

Raijintek at Computex 2018

Raijintek, a smaller company, popped up on our radar as we wandered the halls of Nangang Exhibition Centre in Taipei. Small cases.. slim radiators.. value oriented water blocks? We decided to take a deeper look, and here’s what we found! Two SFF cases caught our eye. Tempered glass and RGB abound of course, but the designs are clean and understated. Using Li-Heat risers, these relatively small cases are designed with aesthetics firmly in mind. That’s a 25mm thick, 360 AIO cooler. Li-Heat and Raijintek have been working together on products such as this right angle GPU mounting solution. A 25mm …

Ncore V1 prototype shows efficiently minimalistic mount

Over on HardOCP, Kyle Bennett has gotten his hands on a prototype waterblock from NUDEcnc, run by Arek Tobiszewski. Unlike most waterblocks this tiny block mounts only on delidded Intel socket 115x boards by basically replacing the heatspreader as a part of the design. This allows the waterblock to make a direct contact with the CPU die meaning a much more efficient cooling. It will be available for crowd funding on Kickstarter on April 1st. Read more here (   Discuss on our forum.  

Cooler Master’s SFF Water Cooler: The MasterLiquid Maker 92

Tom’s Hardware has the scoop on Cooler Master’s take on a SFF AIO water cooler, the MasterLiquid Maker 92. It made a brief appearance at Computex earlier this year, but no details were available until now. Essentially it is a 92mm AIO, except instead of mounting the radiator to the chassis as in a typical water cooler, the rad and fans are stuck to the top of the block via a bracket. This may not seem that innovative in and of itself, but Cooler Master’s selling point with this unit is that the bracket swivels, allowing for either vertical or horizontal configurations. Dimensions are 99.9 …

CRYORIG A Series Hybrid Liquid Coolers Released

Press Release*: Taipei, Taiwan – CRYORIG, PC cooling solution innovator releases the much speculated and also anticipated A Series of Hybrid Liquid Coolers. First unveiled in June at Computex 2015, the CRYORIG A Series Hybrid Liquid Cooler or HLC has been under much speculation from the PC cooling market. The CRYORIG’s A40/A40 Ultimate and A80 HLC units are built on the base of Asetek’s 5th Generation Pump and CPU Cold Block technology with a small but obvious twist. With an additional adjustable and detachable Airflow fan, the CRYORIG A Series HLC is capable of lowering the temperatures of the components surrounding …

Gentle Typhoon PWM 120mm Fan Launched

The casemodder’s beloved Nidec-Servo Gentle Typhoon fans are now available in a new 4-pin PWM version. The fans are now on sale at ModMyMods, with more retailers hopefully coming soon. Priced at US$19.99 per unit, these 120 mm fans offer up to 58.5 CFM of air-flow, with speeds ranging between 550-1,850 RPM, with claimed noise levels no higher than 26 dBA. Nidec-Servo claims the fan features a unique impeller design that puts out noise of the frequency that blends with typical ambient noise (and is less noticeable), and the fan has double vibration-reduction structures that minimize vibration transmitted noise. Check them out on this page. [mks_separator style=”blank” height=”2″] UPDATE: …