Gentle Typhoon PWM 120mm Fan Launched

The casemodder’s beloved Nidec-Servo Gentle Typhoon fans are now available in a new 4-pin PWM version. The fans are now on sale at ModMyMods, with more retailers hopefully coming soon. Priced at US$19.99 per unit, these 120 mm fans offer up to 58.5 CFM of air-flow, with speeds ranging between 550-1,850 RPM, with claimed noise levels no higher than 26 dBA.

Nidec-Servo claims the fan features a unique impeller design that puts out noise of the frequency that blends with typical ambient noise (and is less noticeable), and the fan has double vibration-reduction structures that minimize vibration transmitted noise. Check them out on this page.

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UPDATE: These fans are also available at DazMode!

Gentle Typhoon PWM

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