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CES 2019: AMD

The SFFn crew (Tim and Joshua and myself) just had to make it to the AMD keynote – here’s what we saw! The Radeon VII is a triple fan card, so not the smallest. However, for the water enthusiasts amongst us, the card has all the IO in a single slot – no more DVI here!   Thoughts? Discuss them in the forum.


AMD’s Vega Nano at Computex 2018

At long last. The Vega Nano, promised last year at AMD’s Capsaicin event, has arrived, albeit not in the form we originally saw. PowerColor, a brand known for their unique take on graphics cards, has taken AMD’s lead and created a production version of the Vega 56 Nano card! At today’s AMD press event, we were treated to an exclusive look at the card, where I held the card on...


More Vega Nano News!

With Drew and Tim’s exclusive photo-op earlier, our appetite was whetted for more news on the Vega Nano. Drew and Tim are very persistent reporters though, and managed to track down more exclusive information and pictures for Small Form Factor Network. What have we learnt? The card has a typical board power of 150 watts (GPU, vRAM, but excluding cooling solution), and uses an 8 pin plug for...


EXCLUSIVE: A fleeting glance of the… Vega Nano?

While enroute to the impending Capsaicin event in Los Angeles, SFF Network staff member Drew Duncan managed to find himself in line behind an AMD executive (identifiable from his ‘red cord’ badge), who had an interesting item on his person. While navigating through event security, this employee (UPDATE: Likely to be Chris Hook, a Senior Director of Global Marketing and PR at AMD)...


AMD and Co Love PC!

For the first time, SFFN had direct access to an AMD press conference, instead of hoping that our feeble home internet connections (well, apart from myself with 100/30 fibre – take that, US-based staff!) could cope with streaming their live event. Joshua, Craig and I were on-location yesterday at the event, which was held at the Westin Taipei hotel in Taipei during Computex 2017. Eagerly...


CES, My View

This is one of a series of mini-rants by your faithful correspondent, John Morrison. These are part of a series focusing on issues in the SFF niche. All content is entirely opinion of John, not of SmallFormFactor.net, and should not be taken as fact. So, CES has passed, and as usual, there was a myriad of new products, new products, new ideas. We have seen the usual; the ATX plague, the RGB...


AMD at CES 2017

AMD, the underdog of the CPU and GPU worlds, made itself known at CES, with a large booth, various displays, and some impressive demos – namely Doom at 4K! Our reporter Drew visited the displays and brought us back these pictures: The booth was spacious, with many displays and demos. First up, a new M-ATX AM4 from Gigabyte, the GA-A320M-HD2. This board fits the bill of a mid-range board...