EXCLUSIVE: A fleeting glance of the… Vega Nano?

While enroute to the impending Capsaicin event in Los Angeles, SFF Network staff member Drew Duncan managed to find himself in line behind an AMD executive (identifiable from his ‘red cord’ badge), who had an interesting item on his person.

While navigating through event security, this employee (UPDATE: Likely to be Chris Hook, a Senior Director of Global Marketing and PR at AMD) pulled out this delightful piece of hardware, in order to push it through the scanner. Fortunately enough, Drew had just enough time to snap this photo before the gentleman whisked himself away:

We have essentially no other information on this card beyond the first-hand account (and split-second photo) that Drew has sent to us, but the dimensions of the card strongly point to this being a Vega Nano. The card itself seems to mimic the aesthetics of the Vega Frontier Edition card AMD released a month ago, albeit with a striking red ‘R’ cube and white shroud, and a black fan filling the body. Needless to say, we’re as excited as ever to see what AMD has ready to announce to the world during their event; SFF Network correspondent Drew Duncan will be on the ground to provide us with a first-hand account of what goes down.

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