SilverStone’s VT01 – TJ07-esque uSFF!

Recently, I looked at SilverStone’s VT02 – a subtle Mini-STX case along the lines of the ASRock DeskMini styling. Aftermarket cases for the M-STX form factor aren’t exactly common, but SilverStone does have two compatible models in the range – today’s review is of the VT01, the cheaper sibling to the VT02. Inspired by the SilverStone TJ07 – an iconic (albeit huge) case of years gone, the VT01 is an ultra small case for the SFF generation. Built entirely from SECC steel, the VT01 isn’t exactly a pure descendant of the TJ07, but it does offer great value and a …

SilverStone’s VT02 – An STX Upgrade

Comments on the ASRock DeskMini (non-GTX) line have been clear, the stock case that comes with the DeskMini line is pretty average – from the cheap plastic fascia to the mediocre tray style build. The plastic rails and hard-mounted front panel config just leaves a lot of room for that dreaded cables-stuck-in-fan situation. SilverStone’s VT series of cases have existed as long as the DeskMini line of cases, but with little fanfare – these quiet achievers have sat out of the limelight. Part of why I asked for review samples (thanks SilverStone!) of both models, everyone loves an underdog.  At …

CES 2019: Digital Storm

First visit of the day, and what a product! Digital Storm had on display their Micro-STX based Project Spark – now slated for release in Q1 this year! Now featuring a i7-9900K processor and MXM 2080 GPU, it’s a mini powerhouse. Note: the final revision will include a monoblock covering both CPU and GPU – eschewing the notoriously loud MXM cooler. Also of note, the power brick will be upgraded to a 330w unit, or parallel 600w units.   Thoughts? Discuss them in the forum.

ASRock’s DeskMini 310 – NUC Killer?

We’ve looked at ASRock’s DeskMini range in the past, with in depth analysis of the B250 and Z370 series DeskMini GTX/RX models – with GTX1080 and GTX1060 GPUs included. These cater for the high end, with prices to suit. At the other end of the spectrum, we have the DeskMini 110 and 310 – Mini-STX rather than Micro-STX, and integrated graphics only. The barebones market is an interesting one – DIY PC with less DIY, but better manufacturer support. Buy a barebones box, slap in a CPU, RAM and storage and you’re off – no power supply selection headaches, board …

L1Techs Overviews the Sapphire FS-FP5V, a New Mini-STX Board

As analysed by forum moderator j0rd: Lackluster I/O, 1 USB3, 3 USB 2 Serial header GPIO Traditional front panel header 1 SATA w/ a power breakout 2 M.2 slots, e-key and 1 PCIe / sata Dual realtek 1G NIC’s realtek audio chip 2 SO-DIMM slots Vega 11 GPU 4 core 8 thread CPU 3.8GHz single core turbo Other Ryzen CPU’s will be available ECC RAM supported DDR4 3200 support Quad DisplayPort Comments? Here!

How STX Changed My View of SFF

This article marks a return to my editorial content – occasional articles entirely based on my personal opinion. These are part of a series focusing on issues in the SFF niche. All content is entirely opinion of myself, not of, and should not be taken as fact. For years, I was a Micro-ATX SFF stalwart. I never truly believed M-ITX could offer all I needed in a system, with lackluster networking, audio and storage solutions, as well as just poor physical design. CPU coolers sat too close to RAM or expansion slots, minimal drive expansion was available, and the …

ASRock’s Z370 DeskMini GTX1060 – Barebones Bonanza? (Part 2)

In part one of this article, we tore down and set up the ASRock DeskMini GTX1060, a Micro-STX based barebones system that comes with a MXM format GTX1060 6GB GPU. In this second part of the review, we will look more in depth, to gain a deeper understanding of the Deskmini GTX/RX Z370, and see what it is capable of. As a recap, the ASRock DeskMini GTX/RX Z370 is a well designed Micro-STX barebones system, that in part 1, gained my recommendation, and my conversion from M-ITX to Micro-STX for my personal preference. The design of the platform, as well …

ASRock’s Z370 DeskMini GTX1060 – Barebones Bonanza? (Part 1)

When Craig reviewed ASRock’s B250 DeskMini GTX1080, we were impressed by the utter performance density offered by the platform. A GTX1080, with desktop GPU performance, in a box under 3 litres of volume. Today it’s my turn to look at a DeskMini GTX/RX model, albeit the next generation, based on Intel’s Z370 chipset. The ASRock DeskMini GTX/RX line is based on the Micro-STX form factor, a variation on the STX form factor originally launched by Intel as “5×5” a few years back. ASRock realised that by adding in a mere 2 inches in length (ugh… metric plz) meant that the …

ASRock’s DeskMini GTX1080 Reviewed – Epic Performance Density

Written by Craig Babiuk with assistance from John Morrison When I first laid eyes on ASRock’s Micro STX platform nearly a year ago, I like many others was absolutely gobsmacked at the amount of hardware that they had managed to fit into such a tiny package. Measuring a mere 188mm by 147mm, the primary innovation of this form factor was taking advantage of the ultra-compact MXM graphics cards that had traditionally been reserved for use in behemoth gaming laptops. Clever repurposing of these GPUs allowed ASRock to fit an entire gaming system onto a single board that is smaller in …

ASRock’s DeskMini GTX/RX Updates!

We’ve been keeping an eye on ASRock’s DeskMini platform since it was leaked to us some time ago. The discussion thread is over 190 posts long, with every minute detail picked out by our community. Just today, we had a hot news tip from a user – the product page for the DeskMini GTX/RX has appeared! It has quite a bit of useful information for those who are chasing that form factor.   A forum member also found that NewEgg is now listing the GTX1060 variant, for US$799.99! Discuss the news here!

The ASRock H110-STX MXM is nearly here.

Now visible on the ASRock website in all its glory, the ASRock H110-STX MXM motherboard that we showcased at CES is nearly here! As a friendly reminder to anyone questioning the justification of a such a unique product, please note that this motherboard is pretty much the holy grail of SFF products in that it houses an enthusiast Intel i7-7700k, z270 chipset, and up to an MXM 1060! (at time of writing, the MXM 1060 is the most powerful card that can be used) That being said, we noticed a few discrepancies on the current specifications page with their datasheet. The change that stood out most was that the listed specifications show 2 x …

SilverStone has unveiled the ultra low-profile NT08-115XP

SilverStone has unveiled a new addition to their Nitrogen series of products: the 33mm ultra-low-profile NT08-115XP. Made specifically for the Intel platform (supporting Intel LGA1150/1151/1155/1156 processors), this little beauty has a solid copper base and weighs in at 292 grams. The 11-fin, 80mm x 10mm thick PWM fan pushes nearly 16CFM of air at 28dBA and is capable of dissipating thermal loads up to 65 watts. Below you can see that it uses Intel’s standard push-pin design. As much as I loathe push-pins, SilverStone’s grade of plastic seems less prone to self-destruction. The high-density aluminum fin structure is centered around an open cavity just above the solid …