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Forum Feature: SENTRY 2.0

In a semi-regular series, we will have a short look at various projects and one-off builds in the forum. This is not a paid promotion in any way, just a selection of cool stuff we like! Hot on the heels of the first generation Sentry, the Dr Zaber team has taken it upon themselves to update the concept. Taking feedback into account from the first production run, as well as crowdsourcing more, the...

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ASRock’s Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ac – A New Direction

For some time, ASRock has been using the Fatal1ty branding on their high end products – a tie back to the days of old, where Quake was king, and bright, flashy branding was cool. However, Fatal1ty has given way to ASRock’s “Phantom Gaming” brand, with a much more subtle aesthetic. All black? Yes please! Beefy heatsinks? Yessir! First sighted on ASRock’s limited...

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Streacom’s DA2 – Versatility

It’s no secret that the majority of go-to cases found within our community are from the Indie scene, designed by fans and enthusiasts. Whilst Streacom may not be officially part of this Indie grouping, they are indeed a small bunch of enthusiasts determined to do something different in amongst the mainstream “SFF” offerings. Mentioning SFF by name in their mission statement, it...

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Lazer3D’s HT5 – HTPC with Lasers.. Sorta

Indie cases, the major driver of our community forum and niche, come in many shapes and sizes (preferably small). Lazer3D recently approached me to try a couple of their products that are in final development – the HT5 and the CG7. Whilst the CG7 is due to launch in November, the HT5 has a September launch. Guess which one we’ll look at first? Aiming squarely at the premium HTPC...


ASRock Phantom Gaming Z390 Boards on the Horizon

Browsing the usual sources across the web, I came across a snippet from VideoCardz.com noting the emergence of ASRock’s new sub branding – “Phantom Gaming”. Whilst we have no confirmation that this brand will replace the Fatal1ty branding that currently adorns products, the article does give us one more bit of info that is worth looking in to – a motherboard list. I...

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Raijintek’s Ophion Evo – Tempered Glass, RGB, but SFF!

At 20 litres, the Raijintek Ophion Evo just hits the limit of SFF volume, but it offers a lot to entice Large Form Factor (LFF) fans to the right side of PC building – our SFF world. From satisfying the current trend of RGB and tempered glass, to the ability to mount fairly high end hardware, the chassis is a taste of SFF for the masses. We had a quick look at the Ophion and Ophion Evo at...

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ASRock’s H370M-ITX/ac – Workstation Wonder

ASRock’s H370M-ITX/ac is a highly specced, mid-range board based on Intel’s H370 chipset. Offering near Z370 specs at a slight bump over the price of a B360 board, this new motherboard offers an interesting value proposition. Offering a strong complement of IO, as well as numerous display options from your Intel Coffee Lake integrated graphics, there are many use cases for such a...

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ASRock’s Fatal1ty X470-ITX/ac – Back to the Future

With the second generation of Ryzen processors on the market, it’s only fitting than a new, upgraded, chipset family is available. With this in mind, today we are looking at ASRock’s first AMD 400 series M-ITX board, the X470 Gaming-ITX/ac. This board is a younger brother to the previously reviewed X370 Gaming-ITX/ac, with a few changes to the layout, as well as the aesthetic...


Spotted: Z-CASES at Computex 2018

Just a quick post – we spotted, with the help of Z-CASES’ own Kevin, a pre-production version of the Z-CASE P50 – as seen here in the forum. I’m still recovering from my flight home (and returning to my day job today), so here’s a quick overview. See you in the forum!