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ASRock’s DeskMini A300 – Finally!

Around a year ago, AMD graced us with the Ryzen APU family, bringing higher logical core counts and the Vega GPU architecture to the APU platform. Unlike the rather.. limited.. FM1/2/2+ platform family, the new generation ran on the AM4 platform, allowing anyone to choose between CPUs and APUs for their builds. What the new Ryzen platform also offered is a chipset-less option – A300...


Raven Ridge Review Roundup

(Alliteration!!) Forum member Legion spent some time finding a sizeable bunch of reviews of the new AMD Raven Ridge platform. So, here’s a few of them for your perusal in lieu of our review (coming… eventually!) Anandtech:  Hexus:  Toms Hardware:  Techpowerup:  And a video review: Thoughts? More links and videos in the thread here.

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AMD AM4 Bristol Ridge APU De-Lidded

Professional overclocker Nam Dae Won (NameGT) from Seoul, South Korea has de-lidded an AMD AM4 Bristol Ridge APU for all the world to see (Source, Facebook). Likely based on the Bristol Ridge A12-9800 that he took to 4.8GHz back in September (on the stock cooler no less), this unveiling comes with a very pleasant surprise. As you can see in the image above, AMD has decided not to skimp on the...


AMD Shipping Bristol Ridge APUs

AMD has announced that it is shipping its seventh generation of accelerated processing units (APUs), codenamed Bristol Ridge, ahead of schedule, with HP confirming that its Envy x360 convertible laptop will feature the parts. No word on whether or not these include the AM4 parts. Based on the same 28nm Excavator architecture as the sixth-generation Carrizo APUs but with further updates and...


More AMD Zen and Wraith Info Released

AMD’s Wraith stock cooler, previewed here, and another redesigned cooler, have been launched today. The new coolers will be included with many of AMD’s new FM2+ processors and APUs, as well as some current lines. AMD claims the new cooler offers near-quiet cooling, at 39dB. I suppose that one is a matter of opinion. AMD states that the new design delivers 34 percent more airflow and...


AMD Launches A10-7890K Desktop APU

While AM4 is on the horizon, AMD and partner manufacturers are still releasing new AM3+ and FM2+ products. Today the A10-7890K has been announced. This socket FM2+ chip, based on the “Kaveri” Refresh silicon, replaces the A10-7870K as the fastest APU you can buy. The chip’s maximum (Turbo Core) frequency is upped to 4.30 GHz, compared to the 4.20 GHz on the A10-7870K. The...


Socket AM4 to Support Excavator and Zen

With the infrequent leaks about AMD’s upcoming Zen architecture, we know very little of the platform. However, with a few tech documents found by benchlife.info, we may be getting to see the early hints as to what AM4 means as a platform. It seems that AM4 will primarily be an APU based platform, based initially on the ‘Excavator’ architecture, an incremental upgrade of...


AMD Launches Budget A-Series APU, A8-7670K

AMD today announced the launch of its newest socket FM2+ APU, the A8-7670K. This APU, is based on the company’s new 28 nm “Godavari” silicon, like the recently-launched A10-7870K. This quad core Excavator based APU features Radeon R7 graphics, with 6 Graphics CoreNext 1.2 units, totalling 384 stream processors, dual channel DDR3 controller, 4MB of cache and PCIE Gen3. The APU...