Gamers Nexus Creates Ad-Free Website Dedicated to Catastrophic Hardware Failures

  Gamers Nexus has spent 15 years evolving from a generic gaming website to a respected journalistic  YouTube channel focused on deep dives into computer hardware and the surrounding industry. Steve and his team have become one of the most trusted sources for accurate and often controversial reporting of major industry events. Today, Gamers Nexus is launching a new website to provide details about major PC Hardware Failures. In a move that will surely make more than one marketing department feel a cold shiver of fear, GN has launched gamers.nexus. This new website will be an ad-free detailed list of …

Linus Tech Tips Tests Dan C4-SFX

  Linus, seen above showing his naked GPU, has tested the Dan C4-SFX. In the typically LTT video, Linus builds a top-end all AMD build with a Ryzen 7800 X3D and Radeon 7900XTX. He does run into some complications, mostly caused by him. A neat aspect of the build is the naked GPU and how well the C4-SFX worked for it. Check out the LTT video below, and make sure you subscribe to their channel.      

ETA PRIME Tests Emulation Ability of ASUS ROG Ally with Amazing Results

  ETA PRIME has delved into the emulation side of the ASUS ROG Ally with surprising results. The Ryzen APU in the Ally features support for AVX-512. As it turns out, AVX – 512 works wonders at enhancing PS3 emulation, and allows the Ally to run God of War 3 at 1080P 60FPS. That’s absolutely excellent, and far beyond what the SteamDeck can done. Check out his video below, and make sure you subscribe to his channel.  

Retro SFF: Handheld 386 Retro PC

  All credit to Mark Tyson at Tom’s Hardware (click the link for their article) for finding this little gem of a retro SFF handheld. The Hand386 is a retro gaming PC designed around a 386 CPU, OPL3 sound, and 8MB of Ram. It supports DOS, Windows 3.11, and Windows 95, and has a 1GB CF Card for storage.While these stats don’t sound much for modern day systems, this would have been a $6,000 (US) computer back when the 386 was new. This hasn’t been widely tested yet, but there are a few videos out there. Check out this one …

ASRock Launches Intel N100 Processor ITX Motherboard

  Asrock has launched the new N100DC-ITX motherboard featuring an Intel Quad-Core N100 CPU. This passively cooled ultra efficient processor features 4 E-Core Gracemont CPU cores with a 24 EU Intel UHD graphics solution.  The N100DC-ITX features a single DDR4 DIMM slot, one PCIe 3.0 x 4 slot (supports 2X mode), gigabit LAN, 7.1 audio, HDMI 2.1 (4K 60Hz max), and a single D-Sub output supporting 1080P at 60Hz. The N100DC-ITX has video playback support for AV1 decoding, 10-bit HEVC and VP9 encoding and decoding, and a maximum resolution of 4Kx2K at 60Hz. Power is provided by an external 19V …

ETA Prime Tests Asus ROG Ally Emulation Performance and It’s Excellent

  ETA Prime has taken a deep dive into the performance of the of the Asus ROG Ally in emulation. The performance is excellent even with the ROG Ally emulating Playstation 3 at 60FPS in God of War 3. It does draw more power for that game then it would for other system, however that level of performance is excellent. Check out his video below, and make sure you subscribe.  

Hardware Unboxed Tests RTX 4070 Against RTX 2070 and Shows Massive Performance Difference

  Steve from Hardware Unboxed, seen above cosplaying a high-school guidance counselor, has tested the RTX 4070 against the RTX 2070 with some eye opening results. While the 4070 has most often been tested against the 3070, the 2070 was an incredibly popular card when it was released nearly five years ago (!?!) at $599 for the FE model. A lot of users are considering an upgrade. As it turns out, the new Nvidia card provides a rather substantial update. However, this isn’t all due to the improvement in rendering performance. Hardware Unboxed discovered instances of the 8GB of VRAM …