Rumor: RTX 2060 Returns With 12GB


Anyone else getting deja vu? It appears the rumors of Nvidia bringing back the RTX 2060 are true, at least according what Tom’s Hardware discovered in the latest driver release. Tom’s theorizes that it appears that Nvidia’s plans of selling Turing based crypto mining cards, that have no resale value once they aren’t profitable, didn’t pan out. Shocker. Who would have thought it?

Sales plummeted by 60% in Q3, and now Nvidia is sitting on a bunch of 2060 class Turing GPUs. What will they do?

Slap some extra VRAM on it and sell it to desperate gamers.

Except now that it’s a consumer gaming card that has a potential resale value once the ROI from mining doesn’t pay, these will probably still end up being used by miners, bought by scalper bots, and sold for way more than what they are worth.

Remember that a RTX 2060 is not a fast card by today’s standards, even if it does now come with 12GB of VRAM. It’s on the trailing edge of 1080P performance, though it does have DLSS support which can help, sometimes substantially. It’s still better than nothing of course, but please don’t spend $1,000 on this.