AMD AM4 Bristol Ridge APU De-Lidded

Professional overclocker Nam Dae Won (NameGT) from Seoul, South Korea has de-lidded an AMD AM4 Bristol Ridge APU for all the world to see (Source, Facebook).

Likely based on the Bristol Ridge A12-9800 that he took to 4.8GHz back in September (on the stock cooler no less), this unveiling comes with a very pleasant surprise.

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AMD AM4 Bristol Ridge APU

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As you can see in the image above, AMD has decided not to skimp on the quality of the thermal interface material. AMD has chosen to use a liquid metal-based compound, at least on the engineering samples.

This is a welcome addition over the budget TIM that Intel likes to use on their chips. Provided this process doesn’t change with the retail versions, this will greatly improve the thermal transfer to the IHS – a boon for us enthusiasts who like to eke every last drop of performance from our components.

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