XFX has announced two single-slot AMD RX 460 graphics cards.

Following just after the announcement of the HIS RX 460 Slim-iCooler OC on the 24th, VideoCardz has shared that XFX has two new single-slot AMD RX 460 graphics cards coming to the Small Form Factor market.

Both Polaris 11 based cards will use AMD’s reference clock speeds and will operate on a maximum of 75 watts, requiring no additional power.

XFX will offer a 2GB and a 4GB variant, and based off the screenshots below, both cards appear to be using the same robust aluminum heatsink as the one used on the HIS RX 460.

We weren’t able to find the exact dimensions of the card but TechPowerUP! states that the fan is 70mm which would make the card roughly 160mm in length.

Here are the specifications as posted by VideoCardz


xfx_460_single xfx_460_single2

At time of writing, there is no word on market pricing or availability.

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