SSUPD Meshroom D Case Concept Leaks

Oops. SSUPD accidentally leaked their Meshroom D case onto the web. While the initial leak has been taken down, the page has been archived and you can CLICK HERE to see it.

So let’s dig into the design. The Meshroom D is listed as 15.28 liters in volume, and comes in two colors of Fossil Gray and Peacock Blue. The renders show an NCASE M1 style design complete with three PCI slots, rear exhaust fan, and traditional GPU mounting.  The internal caging also show space for a side mount radiator that is likely 280mm. I’m not quite sure how the PSU mounts, but it likely exhausts out the top. Obviously, the entire unit is mesh. Based on the rear of the case, there doesn’t appear to be room for top mounted exhaust fans.

If SSUPD releases the case without top exhaust, it could be a critical mistake as the GeForce 4000 series is rumored to be pushing 400 watts on the high end, and both AMD and Intel consumer CPUs will be pulling 200 to 300 watts as well. That’s a huge amount of heat to cope with, and mesh alone doesn’t fix it. Next to me, I have a Meshlicious with a 12900K and RTX 3080. If I want the CPU to run under 100C, I have to have the fans as intake. By doing so, my GPU often hits 85C and throttles down. If I reverse the airflow of the AIO and use it as an exhaust, my GPU sits at 75C, but my CPU hits 100C and throttles down. The mesh alone doesn’t solve this issue.

SSUPD, if you’re reading this, please put top exhausts on this case or offer a tophat/loft extensions for 120/140mm x 30mm exhaust fans. Yes, I said 30mm thick because of the new Phanteks fans. Ideally, I would want to use the side mounted radiator as an intake, and a top and rear exhaust in a negative pressure setup to clear the AIO and GPU heat. SSUPD are you there? Hello? At some point, I’m just going to have to design my own case…