BUT WHY?! It’s Etsy of Course…

Image Credit – Etsy User Noel and my freaking nightmares..


I was looking for fan lofts for my Meshlicous when I discovered…this. Etsy vendor 3DPCbyJay is selling literal case feet for the FormD T1, Meshlicious, NCASE M1, and NR200. This nightmare fuel system belongs to Etsy User Noel.

Noel…who hurt you? Can we help?

..and my wife is telling me she loves it as I write this.

To be fair to 3DPCbyJay, he actually has a full lineup of parts; many of which don’t involve human legs or feet.

Check out this…thing…by CLICKING HERE.

Check out 3DPCbyJay’s online store by CLICKING HERE.

Seek psychological help by following THIS LINK.