AMD’s Dual Fiji Card Could Be Named Gemini

Thanks to India’s relatively transparent Customs agency, we may have our first hint as to the name for the upcoming AMD dual-Fiji card. As an engineering sample of the new card passed through India, someone spotted the shipping manifest, which read “FIJIGEMINI”. The Gemini name makes sense, as the single GPU card is known as the ‘Fury’ – a reference to the ‘Furies’ (Erinyes)- female deities of vengeance. This new card may be named after Greek-Roman mythological figures and twins Castor and Pollux. These two are sometimes referred to as the “Gemini twins.”

The same manifest also mentions that the sample had its cooling solution installed. Ican be assumed that the prototype AMD CEO Lisa Su held up at the company’s “Fiji” silicon unveil event has matured into a mass-producible product.

We are looking forward to the launch of the dual-fury card. It will be one of the smallest dual-GPU flagship cards to be produced, thanks to AMD’s HBM technology.

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