Slate-Case AQ Pre-Orders Start on March 15TH

(All Photos Credit Protolyth)

The Slate-Case AQ has been a popular design showcased in the SFFN Concept Forum, and it’s now ready to begin pre-orders starting March 15th. The case is a sandwich layout design, but with an emphasis on cooling. Large radiators are supported, and even the design video on Youtube shows a quite nice custom loop. The Slate-Case AQ can be placed horizontally with a front to back airflow pattern, or vertically with a top to bottom pattern. Side panel options include glass, closed, and perforated. The rear IO is at the bottom of the case, and include two USB extensions to assist with plugging in rear USB peripherals.


Aside from the two-tone aesthetic (optional single tone), perhaps the most striking part of the case is the key-cap style power button. It stands out from the bottom of the front panel, and is an interesting choice. While certainly a unique design, how the button fairs when presented with the reality of a cluttered desk, pets, and kids remains to be seen.

Pricing is $295, with an additional $30 for the case feet to convert it to vertical.

You can check out the Slate-Case AQ forum thread by clicking HERE.

Click HERE for the Slate-Case AQ pre-order page.