Smol X1 Mini Concept Enters Testing Phase

All Photos Credit to Joonst


The Smol X1 Mini is the brainchild of the SFFN user and designer Joonst. The design is a 3.69L (…nice.) ultra mini tower using a sandwich layout and a Flex-ATX power supply. While cases this small are nothing new, being able to keep the power entirely internal which is far less common. Other features include up to a 39mm CPU air cooler, and up to a 175mm dual-slot GPU. Additionally, the Smol X1 Mini features a rap around front panel, PCIE 4.0 riser cable, and a uniquely designed side panel that looks akin to the framing for stained class.

The case has moved from design to testing, with Joonst announcing that he is ordering testing hardware this week. Personally, I could easily see this as a Ryzen 5600X with an Noctua L9A cpu cooler, combined with an MSI Aero ITX GPU.

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