Silverstone at CES 2018

On day two of CES 2018, our team hit the Silverstone booth to check out the innovative company’s projects and new products!


Firstly, the news;

Silverstone’s 700/800 watt SFX units are getting a revision that will use their new FDB fans.

They are still focused on making ATX/mATX cases that use ATX PSU’s ( Editor: boo)


First up – something ATX, but useful for those really pushing the limits, new Strider power supplies, in 1000w and..

1200W variants.

In an effort to move SFX into more market segments, this HTPC chassis is in development, and weighs in at around (a disappointing) 30 litres. The case is designed for M-ATX and M-ITX boards, and supports up to 10 3.5″ drives, or 8x with 2x 120mm fans. The chassis also supports 2 x 2.5″ SSD mounts.

The Micro-STX cases we saw at Computex 2017 were also present, although Silverstone isn’t sure if these will hit market as adoption of the form factor has been slower than anticipated.

The 350W Flex-ATX power supply we saw at Computex 2017 is ready to hit the market, we can’t wait!

Silverstone’s range of USB3 accessories was on show.

As well as this nifty device, a single M.2 to PCIe x 16 card. While the card uses a full x16 slot, the drive itself will be limited to the M.2 limit of 4 lanes.

Small Form Factor network – always carrying measurement tools!

This nifty device converts a spare full height expansion slot at the rear of your case to a 2.5″ hotswap bay.

And is 134.3mm deep.

Got so many M.2 drives spare you don’t know what to do with them? This 3.5″ drive takes 4 of them, and coverts them to 4x individual SATA ports.




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