Zotac at CES 2018

After perusing the Silverstone booth, our team at CES 2018 made their way to the booth of another one of the core SFF proponents in the industry – Zotac. Long time Mini PC manufacturer, Zotac is one of those companies we like to keep an eye on.


Calipers handy, let’s go!

The AMP Box Mini is an eGPU enclosure for “ITX” sized graphics cards as well as a PCIe SSD.

More my style, the P3000 Workstation is a tiny system aimed at professional use, with an NVIDIA Quadro GPU and an Intel i5-7500T CPu.

The P5000, the big brother in specs to the P3000 above.

And the baby brother, the P1000. This one seems intended for digital signage as well as workstation use, with mounting flanges integrated into the chassis.

Now for something a bit newer, the C1660 Nano.

With a new, yet still relatively subtle look, the C1660 stands out in the Zotac booth.

It’s still small too!

Definitely a proprietary motherboard inside this one.

For those who play for the Red team, Zotac has a mini PC for you too, featuring the brand new Raven Ridge APU.

Copious use of “T” and “U” Intel CPU SKUs mean that the Zotac mini PC product lines are very energy efficient, and can keep themselves cool even though they’re properly small.

The Zotac Magnus, a class leader in prebuilt SFF performance.


That’s all for Zotac. Discuss the Zotac booth in the forum!