Puget Systems Now Offering Intel 12th Gen NUC Systems

Image Credit – Puget Systems


Puget Systems may not be the first boutique builder that comes to your mind, but it really should be on your list. They’ve been building highly tuned custom machines for over twenty years. Moreover, they specifically tailor the builds to your exact software, and go to great lengths to live up to the promises they make. What lengths? How about individually listening to each component prior to putting it into your new quiet system? Not just a sample every 50 or 100 systems like big OEMs do, but every single system and component they build.

Not enough? They’re internal testing labs and articles are now so thorough that their benchmarks are becoming industry standard. Put basically, Puget is a very well respected company.

Now they are building out systems using Intels newest NUC line. Featuring an Intel I9-12900, up to an RTX 3070Ti or RTX A6000 48GB, the Dragon Canyon based NUC can provide some real performance. However, that’s not to say it doesn’t come at a price. Puget Systems reported in their recent NUC 12 Extreme benchmarks that the system does suffer some performance loss due to the cooling. They found the average loss was about 10% compared to a full size desktop rig. However, for the size of the system, it may be worth it for you. Props to Puget for being honest about it.


Image Credit – Puget Systems / Size comparison of NUC to full size desktop.


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