DonDan Releases Thermal Performance Number of C4-SFX

Image Credit – DonDan


Dondan has released the preliminary thermal results from the C4-SFX case. Using an EKWB 280 AIO equipped with Artic P14PWM fans, Dan was able to achieve CPU temps between 71C and 76C depending on orientation, and between 70C and 72C for the RTX 3080FE GPU. The Noctua D12L also did well with CPU temps between 78C and 81C. Removing the side panel reduced temps up to 3C for the CPU, and 5C for the GPU. You can check out the performance results below. For the record, I did not alter the colors of this picture.


Image Credit – Dondan….Pink and purple graphs? For real?



The C4-SFX is Dan’s latest creation, and one that will offer substantial compatibility while maintaining a small size. Check out the official Dan C4-SFX SFFN thread by CLICKING HERE.