Production Complete on COOJ Sparrow MQ5

Image Credit – COOJ


COOJ has reported via the SFFN forum that production on the MQ5 case has been completed, and the units are now enroute to the warehouse. COOJ currently has three concepts in production, with the MQ5 being the smallest of them. They all features a thick aluminum outer shell, with a premium build. The MQ5 checks in at just 5.5L in size, while the largest case, the Chancellor Z13, is 14.1L in volume.

We have a Chancellor Z13 on order, and will have a full review when it arrives. In the meantime, check out the SFFN thread for the MQ5 and talk with COOJ themself.

CLICK HERE to visit the COOJ website.

CLICK HERE for the SFFN MQ5 forum thread.