Origin PC announces the custom-designed Chronos SFF case

Origin PC is throwing their hat in the ring with a custom-designed SFF case of their own, the new Chronos series chassis. Previously the Chronos line just used off the shelf cases like the SilverStone RVZ01. This new design vaguely resembles the Falcon Northwest Tiki from the outside but the interior layout is different so this isn’t just a tweaked version of that chassis, though it very well could be manufactured by SilverStone’s OEM division too.

Origin Chronos dimensions

The case is 298.5 x 101.6 x 349.3mm (HxWxD) for a volume of 10.6L, so it’s a properly SFF case. The layout is similar to the other slim-type Mini-ITX case with the GPU parallel to the board via a flexible PCIe extender, though unlike most of the other designs, Origin has gone with a longer extender in order to have the GPU intake on the same side as the topside of the motherboard. There is a window in the side panel to show off the card with a small vent in front of it but I question whether this will provide enough airflow since they plan to stuff a Titan-X or even Titan-Z in there.

Origin Chronos interior

It’s hard to see in the picture, but there are three expansion slots, with the 3.5″ drive taking up the remaining space between the slots and the back panel. The extra slot is there for triple-slot cards like the dual-GPU NVIDIA GTX Titan-Z. Brackets for 4 x 2.5″ drives are in front of the 3.5″ drive. A slim slot-loader ODD is visible in the upper-right of the picture, with presumably a SFX power supply behind it. The CPU is cooled with a slim 120mm Asetek AIO and a slim fan, which looks like the 12mm thick Scythe fan.

One cool feature is the feet, which are removable and allow the case to be placed in any orientation.

Origin PC will offer the Chronos in configurations up to an Intel i7-5960X, 32GB RAM, and aforementioned Titan-Z. No word on pricing or availability.

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