MSI Launches 12th Gen Core Based MEG Trident X SFF Gaming PC

MSI has announced their first SFF PC using the Intel 12th Gen Core architecture; The MEG Trident X 12th. This is the large of the two Trident form factors that MSI has produced, and and offers improved cooling over its predecessor. MSI claims they have increased heat dissipation surface area by 26%.

The system packs an Intel i7-12700K, up to 64GB of DDR-5 4800Mhz memory, two M.2 slots, and room for two 2.5″ drives. Also included is 2.5G Ethernet and Wi-Fi 6E AX211. The GPU is up to a full power Nvidia RTX 3090.

Between the 12700K and the 3090, these systems have the specs to pack some incredible performance in a small package.

Unfortunately, there was no announcement of the smaller non-X 4.7L Trident line…yet. A 12600 or 12600K based Trident to arrive powered by MSI’s Aero ITX 3060 or 3060 TI GPUs would be a welcome addition into the pre-built SFF world. We recently reviewed the Aero ITX 3060Ti and found it to be an excellent GPU for those needing strong performance in a very small package. You can see that review HERE.

Additionally, we performed overclocking and undervolting testing on the card HERE. 

MSI did not specify pricing or when we can expect to see the system arrive at retailers. However, they did promise substantial improvements in gaming performance.



Click here to see MSI’s press release.