FSP Group Launches SFX 12VO 750 Watt Power Supply

In case you don’t know, power supplies are changing soon. The depth of this change is an article in and of itself, but basically everything is moving to the 12 volt lines, and your motherboard plug will be reduced from 24 pin to just 10 pins. That’s great for the SFF world. FSP has launched their first SFX class PSU that supports the 12VO standard.

Okay…I’m going to admit that it’s post holiday and I’m still recovering from eating a ridiculous amount of food. So here is the press release from FSP.


【Taipei, Nov.25th, 2021】  FSP Group has launched the world’s first SFX 12VO power supply, FSP750-27SCB, which allows the PC system to effectively reduce standby power consumption through the CEC Tier 2 efficiency standard released by California’s energy code on July 1, 2021. It also meets the next-generation CPU and energy-intensive requirements, making it suitable for small PCs in the market to be equipped with high-end system configurations.

Energy-intensive CPU and GPU configurations require a highly-stability power supply in order to ensure normal system operations and provide players with computing efficiency and good e-sport experiences. Compared to traditional Multi Rail, Single Rail 12VO power supplies that adopt the 12V+12Vsb circuit design, the power conversion efficiency can be effectively enhanced. Output voltage stability can be controlled to reduce energy conversion loss, providing players with a smart risk control experience.

SFX 12VO power supply, compared to existing Multi Rail, shows a great disparity in wire design. The SFX12VO power supply wire has been reduced from MB 24 pin to MB10 pin. The original CPU 4+4 is retained, and PCle 8 pin or 6+2 pin is provided for graphics cards. Therefore, in terms of wire design, SFX 12VO features the advantages of convenient wire trimming, easy repair and assembly, good heat dissipation in the system space, etc. It is suitable for use in e-sport PCs and e-sport NUCs.


【FSP FSP750-27SCB】Product Features:

  • In line with Intel ATX 12VO standards
  • High-efficiency conversion rate exceeding 90%; meet 80Plus ® Gold Efficiency
  • Long-lasting and quiet 92mm fan
  • All-black module flat line design
  • DC-DC circuit design; stable power output
  • Japanese electrolytic capacitor
  • PS2 stand (optional) for ATX chassis installation
  • Multiple protection mechanisms: OCP, OVP, SCP, OPP, OTP

FSP, as the world’s first SFX 12VO power supplier, keeps abreast of the market pulse and deploys in advance. PC system operators are welcome to contact us if there are FSP750-27SCB any inquiries.


FSP is also OEMs for numerous companies, so you may find this design coming in different variants.

Happy holiday everyone. Pass the Tums….