Low Volume #6: Passive

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  • Today’s hosts: John “confusis” Morrison, James “Aibohphobia” Schell, and Jay “Tek Everything” Mattison.
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  • 1:06 – The Intel Skull Canyon NUC launches, a powerful update to the NUC line.
    • The new Skull Canyon NUC comes with an i7-6770HQ, dual M.2 slots, Iris Pro 580 graphics, and support for an external GPU dock.
  • 6:05 – Razor Core GPU dock launches at $499.
    • An exciting development for computers like that Skull Canyon NUC, but is it worth the price?
  • 13:08 – Nobody expects the Span…Lian Li to announce flagship SFX-L power supplies!
    • Thanks to SFF Forum member veryrarium for the heads up on these.
    • 550W Gold and 750W Platinum rated units, OEM looks to be Enhance. No word on price or availability yet
  • 18:10 – CableMod launches their Configurator service for custom PSU cables.
    • Cut to length, individually sleeved, and color matched PSU cables for the lazy.
  • 25:40 – Passive cooling discussion.
    • Keeping your computer cool without those pesky fans.
  • 43:42 – This episode’s ‘Favourite Forum Fread of the Fortnight’: Origin of you nickname
    • Members of the community discuss the origin and meaning of their online nicknames.

So much for our previous announcement of releasing every other Wednesday, a perfect storm of schedule issues, technical problems, and travel delayed this one. Hopefully we can stay on track for the next episode though!